Why Warner Bros. Discovery’s situation is “extremely unpleasant news” for AEW

Warner Bros. Discovery, the company that owns TBS and TNT, is expected to cut jobs and restructure HBO Max in the coming months. during Wrestling Radio ObserverDave Meltzer of F4WOnine.com discusses how budget cuts will affect AEW…

“The really important thing is the WBD (Warner Bros Discovery) news which, if you’re a fan of AEW, in the last couple of days… isn’t good news at all. We knew they were going to cut budgets, but it really feels like TNT – whatever the premium shows that TNT has – it’s going to be out the window, and I have that feeling apart from the NBA, that’s TNT going to be just another station on cable instead of… and TBS, which was kind of like cable power units. They just seem to want to cut things off, CNN is also on the matter.”

“They’re cutting everything. HBO Max is…I think they’re going to incorporate it but a lot of HBO Max executives are going to disappear. It’s probably going to go down a big chunk of HBO Max’s budget. They’re really trying to cut a lot of money, and they know the thing is The only one they feel they have to keep, which is going to cost them a lot of money, is the NBA. So it’s going to be interesting to see… this is probably the worst possible time to go out there and ask for a big raise now. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” .

“I don’t see AEW canceling. Most weeks it’s the most popular show, unless during the NBA season, it’s the most popular show either on TNT or TBS, so you’re not going to interrupt your top rated show. I mean it’s possible, I’ve seen it happen, but It probably won’t. But in terms of giving (AEW) a huge increase in rights (fees) they’re really going to have to find outside bidders, and then that becomes a problem because if you go to a weaker station your numbers won’t look as good. One of the cool things about Being on TBS is, especially coming out of Big Bang Theory, you have a good introduction, you have a station that people are already watching. It’s not like one of those stations with a very low viewership.”

“Really, where they’re positioned is probably as good a place as you can get on the show. The only thing that would be better is where they’d be better if they were on ESPN, and that wouldn’t be better because, number one, ESPN hasn’t been in professional wrestling for a long time. And maybe they don’t. I have an interest in doing that, but even if they did… I mean I think they showed some elements of WWE during the pandemic, but really that was just a short term thing, they didn’t pursue that. But obviously you’d be constantly proactive. So that wouldn’t be entirely appropriate.”

“This station is a perfect fit for AEW, but at the same time, you want… the main way the company is going to be able to make money is through TV rights, and if you want to make it a profitable company and your parent company splits budgets everywhere, and in ways that don’t People are expecting it, like stopping movies in production, stopping TV shows in production – there’s been bloodshed. And there’s probably still more to come. So AEW’s timing for their next deal will be at the end of next year – the past two days haven’t looked so good if you’ve been following The story, absolutely.” (quotes from WrestleTalk.com)

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