Toyota offers to buy back bZ4x units from owners amid safety recall

Toyota sent a letter to bZ4X owners informing them of the company’s ongoing attempts to address the safety recall on the all-electric crossover. Toyota has offered a number of options to its electric car owners, noting that it will buy back bZ4X units if necessary.

Last June, Toyota began recalling the bZ4X, the first mass-produced all-electric SUV that was designed to take on market leaders such as the Tesla Model Y. According to the company, the safety recall is due to the bZ4X wheels, which may fall out due to a problem with the wheels. Bolts that attach them to the vehicle.

Toyota highlighted that it is still in the middle of searching for a fix for the bZ4X’s safety issues, but owners can rest assured that the company will do what it can to address the car’s malfunctions. The Japanese automaker also notes that bZ4X owners should not drive their own electric vehicles until a repair is available.

As can be seen in Toyota’s message, shared on social media, the automaker is giving owners a number of options on what they can do while the bZ4x safety recall is still being processed. Below is the text of the message, as shared by u/fc0romero in the r/BZ4X subreddit.

We recently informed you of a safety recall involving your Toyota bZ4X 2023 and keep it up I ask that you not be allowed to drive until treatment is available. We are working hard on a treatment and will notify you in the future when it becomes available.

At Toyota, your safety is a top priority. If you have not already done so, please contact any of our authorized Toyota dealers and they will arrange to pick up and store your vehicle, at no cost, until treatment is available. We will also provide you with a borrowed car at no cost to you.

We place high value on the guest experience and understand the inconvenience this situation presents. And therefore, Toyota is offering affected owners the following until treatment is available:

  • Keep saving a borrowed car, and store your car at no cost
  • Reimbursement for refueling costs incurred while operating the offered loan
  • We provide you with a total credit of $5,000 to make loan/lease payments or purchase price if the vehicle is paid in full.
  • Save additional free charging time at all EVgo owned and operated public stations across the country until December 31, 2024.
  • Offer an extension to your vehicle’s new vehicle limited warranty based on the period of time your vehicle cannot be driven because of the recall (from the date the recall was announced on June 23, 22 until a future date when the recall was announced)

Alternatively, if you do not wish to proceed as described above, Toyota will offer to buy back your vehicle. Repurchase terms may vary depending on your particular case and circumstances.

A bZ4X specialist will contact you in the coming days to discuss these options. If you would like to speak with someone soon, please contact us…

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this case may have caused you.

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Toyota’s letter received mixed responses from owners. In the r/bZ4X subreddit, a number of owners indicated that they would receive a $5,000 credit offered by the Japanese automaker. After all, if Toyota can’t fully address its electric car issues, the company’s offer to buy back bZ4X units is still a great option.

Credit: u/fc0romero/Reddit

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Toyota offers to buy back bZ4x units from owners amid safety recall

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