Toyota dealership makes it suitable for an owner 2022 RAV4 Hybrid at no cost

You just received your 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, finished all the paperwork, shook hands with the dealer, and drove into the sun. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise, and the trip doesn’t feel right. You come up with all these thoughts, “What did I do wrong?”

It didn’t do anything, it was just a Toyota mistake that can be easily fixed. The dealer will fix it for you, maybe give you some compensation, and make you feel good about yourself. This is exactly what happened to a 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid owner who had to wait two weeks to get her repaired car back.

Chris Lee wrote a post on the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid on Facebook saying she got a 10 year/125,000 mile warranty plus $699 MSRP and a full tank of gas simply due to a faulty window installation and cracked paint on one of them. stents; The post itself is long so I’ll paraphrase what she said. Basically, after all the hassle and compensating of fixing the bumpers and windows, the paint was still chipping on the struts and now it’s back to the dealer to ask for a repair.

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Now you might be thinking, “Why is she worried about some paint? It’s not like we’re going to look under the car.” Remember that paint not only makes the car look good, but also protects it. If those bumpers have a chip in the paint, they will rust in a year or even less and they won’t be as good. Therefore, these shocks are made of metal that obviously rusts. I haven’t been able to tell what kind of metal it is but I know for a fact that it rusts.

So, what should Chris do? I asked this is her post and a lot of the responses were very interesting. Let’s take a look at what others have said.

Keith Addison said, “I would tell the dealership that the car was not delivered in new condition and ask them to either refund the deposit or repair the car to new condition and not buy it until the requirements are met.” it’s the truth. Depositing $1000 is like gold for these traders. They will do everything in their power to make absolutely sure that this deposit is not redeemed, so as not to miss out on assignments to their agents.

Michael Damgaard said, “I would turn down the car and ask them to order another one. If you already have these problems with a new car, what other problems do you not see? Otherwise, ask for your return of your deposit. And look elsewhere.”

Therefore, it seems that if Toyota takes a long time to fix it or the problem persists, time and time again, it would be wise to ask for a refund and go get another car or order another 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to be delivered. Toyota is known for its reliability but like every automaker, there will always be a few rotten apples in a batch.

Also, remember that the way Toyota makes its cars does not depend on the dealership, so in fact, don’t be mad at the dealership if your car was delivered with a problem. If you really need some sort of compensation for a factory defect or something, I’d recommend talking to the dealer.

How would you feel? Do you think Toyota’s compensation with dealer repairs is enough for a mechanical issue that’s not your problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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