The new smart Muc-Off allows you to hide the Apple AirTag in your closet

Muc-Off has introduced a new way to store the Apple AirTag on your bike, completely hidden and not easily removed by bike thieves. The new Stealth Secure Tag Holder is a discreet tracking solution, hidden inside a tube-compatible mountain or gravel bike frame.

According to a study from Direct Line Insurance, in the five months between April and August 2020, there were more than 110,000 bike thefts in the UK. For the United States, 529 Garage bike registration professionals report that there are more than two million bike thefts each year. Locks, alarms, and locks have always been the best ways to protect your valuable possession, but with the release of the Apple AirTag in April of 2021, we saw an additional way to monitor your bike.

There have been a couple of different companies that have released products that allow you to hide an Apple AirTag on your bike, including the Ninja Mount that hides the AirTag under your saddle and the Project4AGZE Mount that mounts under your water bottle. Muc-Off also has a similar product called the Secure Tag Holder that allows you to mount a tracker to your frame using the bottle cage mounting holes, so you can track down and locate your bike in the event of theft.

Technologies like the Apple Airtag can be a great defense against potential bike thieves. That’s what drove the development of tag holders, we wanted to provide riders with a safe, anti-theft way to fix the tracker on their bikes. Our newest offering – the Stealth Tubeless tag holder – is a completely unique discreet solution unlike anything we’ve seen on the market so far. We will continue to embrace emerging technologies to enhance each rider’s experience, while continuing our exciting program of innovation going forward. Alex Trimnell, CEO of Muc-Off

The Apple AirTag (not included) is affixed to the Stealth Secure Tag in a protective 3-part silicone rubber tubeless valve holder with an array of tubeless valve bases, so you can ensure a snug fit against the rim when mounting within a tubeless frame .

Also included to protect the rim and AirTag from high impacts is a sacrificial shank that compresses and rebounds under extreme loads. Although the mount will absorb shock, Muc-Off says it’s valve-safe with a sturdy stem base that allows sealants and air to flow through the valve as normal and won’t rattle inside the frame and tire.

Apple AirTag itself works by allowing users to track any item from their phone using the Find My app. Once activated, whatever item the tag is connected to appears on the radar within the app, so you can track your bike by looking at the map.

If the thief owns an iPhone, it will notice their iPhone when the AirTag is separated from its owner and travel without you and send an alert to the thief. This is an anti-stalking mechanism. After a while, if the thief does not find the tag, he will start playing a sound to show his whereabouts. Regardless, the AirTag hidden in the wheel should give you more time to alert the authorities and hopefully get your bike back than other options.

The Stealth Tubeless tag holder is on sale via the Muc-Off distribution network and on for £14.99 / €19.99 / US$19.99 and as part of a set that includes a set of Muc-Off 44mm Tubeless Valves for £34.99 / €42.99 US / $44.99 US.

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