The committee approves the new vision for building a farmers market

River Landing’s Farmers Market Building is a step closer to reopening.

Members of the Council’s Development Committee unanimously approved the proposed rent offer from Ideas. Monday company.

The once bustling building on the corner of A Street and 19th Street will see renewed life again next spring if the council approves the rental agreement at its full meeting later in the month.

Taner Michalenko, Community Director at Ideas Inc. To CTV News: “It’s something Saskatoon misses and will be well received by clients.”

Ideas Inc. will meet. Space requirements to be renovated soon based on city conditions.

“We will work six days a week at this location here and within that we will have two days of farmers’ market in season,” Michalenko said.

Dubbed the Gather Local Market, the group of 16 divided booths will be available to local vendors in the center of the building. Eight local restaurants and six artisanal breweries and distilleries will also be part of the new building. Local grocers and artisans selling their wares are also part of the plan.

It’s a positive step forward, according to the CEO of Riversdale District Business Improvement.

“It’s been a long time coming, investing in Riversdale and 20th Street (and) the banks across the street here has proven successful,” Randy Psipilo told CTV News.

The housing development was built in banks in 2014 and the selling advantage according to Pshebylo was a farmer’s market across the street, but vacancy rates fell when the market closed in 2020 after Saskatoon Farmers’ Market Co-operative Ltd and the city’s relationship soured when the cooperative was unable to Commit to activating the area for six days a week.

The city issued a request for proposals in 2018 to find a permanent tenant, then cited much-needed repairs to an old electric garage roof as a reason to withdraw the RFP.

The repairs were due to begin in January 2020 and are expected to take at least three months to complete. After the uncertainty of COVID-19 stopped any progress, demolition and construction work began in June 2020.

The hope is that vacancy rate problems will no longer be an issue with ideas commitment.

“Nobody here is an island including the farmers market, and we all need each other,” Beshbelo said.

About 10 vendors have contacted Ideas Inc. So far willing to join the project.

“I think it’s very unique and very different from what we’ve seen before and something we haven’t done before and we’re looking forward to this opportunity,” Liam McKercher, general manager of Crossmount Cider Company, told CTV News. .

Crossmount is one of those companies that will add to the 30 vendors who will call this building home.

“This is something that we really stick to and it’s something that we think would really be a good aspect to add to our city,” he said.

The farmers’ market component will primarily operate outside in Market Square twice a week between May and October, and the night market is also part of the plan.

Ideas will pay $10 per year for five years and will bear the costs of utilities, cleaning, de-icing and other costs, as part of the proposed lease.

The city could lose just over $50,000 in potential revenue over the course of a five-year lease.

The administration also recommended that the city contribute $150,000 for the purchase of common area furniture, 50 percent of the capital expenditure reserve budget and 50 percent of the Ideas Corporation.

The gathering is scheduled to open in May 2023.

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