Shockwave therapy market size will exceed US$ 3.1 billion by 2030

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According to Precedence Research, the global Shockwave Therapy market size is expected to exceed approximately US$3.1 billion by 2030 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.12% from 2022 to 2030.

Ottawa, August 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – World Shockwave therapy market It has a volume of US$1.33 billion in 2022. The Shockwave Therapy market mainly deals with multidisciplinary devices that are best used in various surgical procedures related to the orthopedics and sports medicine sector. With the increase in sports tournaments being organized all over the world, the number of sports injuries has increased considerably. These sports injuries require a speedy recovery as well as quicker pain relief.

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The need to restore patient mobility is very important in order to maintain its position in the global competition. In cardiovascular diseases and urinary tract disorders that require greater precision and accuracy. The number of chronic diseases that have increased worldwide as a result of urbanization and rapid modernization requires d to be addressed with advanced technologies.

Regional shots

The North American market has witnessed the fastest growth as a result of the huge population suffering from chronic diseases related to the rapid modernization of lifestyle. The large number of people belonging to the elderly age group has led to an increase in chronic diseases in the society which require advanced techniques and equipment for treatment and which can heal faster with fewer side effects.

The Asia Pacific region is showing significant growth in this sector as a result of the evolving situation of countries. The lack of medical facilities and supplies in these countries leads to the development of chronic diseases that require shock wave therapy for better recovery. European countries show significant growth during the forecast period due to the increase in chronic diseases among the people.

Report scope

Report attributes


Market size in 2021

1.2 billion US dollars

Revenue forecast by 2030

3.1 billion USD

compound annual growth rate

11.12% from 2022 to 2030

biggest market

North Amarica

biggest market

Asia Pacific

base year


prediction year

2022 to 2030

The main players

Dornier MedTech GmbH, Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, Medtrue Enterprise Co. Ltd., MS Electro Medical Systems SA, BTL Corporate, Lumenis Ltd., Edaptms TMS, Boston Scientific Corporation, CR Bard Inc., Cook Group Inc., Olympus Corporation

a report hLights

  • by product type, Mobile software therapy devices have shown maximum growth due to their acceleration and ease of access. This is for the stationary type of shockwave therapy device.

  • by technologyelectro-hydraulic shock waves are proven to be the largest chip used mainly in hospitals to obtain accurate results in radiotherapy software along with electromagnetic section, which are the other types discussed in the report.

  • According to the type of diseaseLong bone fractures and limb injuries have proven to be a potential market for this sector. Disorders of the cardiovascular system show a significant return on revenue during the forecast period. Urinary tract diseases also contribute significantly during the prediction period.

  • by end usersHospital sector is the leading market for Shockwave Therapy with a large number of people walking daily to treat their diseases. Clinics and laboratories make up the next smaller sectors that fall later in the line.

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Market Drsleeps

What is the market drivers From shock wave therapy market?

  • Sports injuries constitute the largest market for shock wave therapy, which helps heal injuries faster by reducing the pain of the injured patient in a shorter period of time than usual. The increasing competition among countries all over the world for the requirements and demand for Shockwave Therapy has increased dramatically.

  • The increasing chronic diseases among the population has also led to an increase in the demand for better and advanced technologies for therapeutic purposes. Cardiovascular diseases and urinary tract disorders are mainly treated using these advanced methods where the results are obtained with greater accuracy and precision.

  • Congenital disorders also find an important place in this technology. Orthopedic surgeries are easily and accurately performed with the help of these shock wave treatments. An individual’s pain is quickly managed through faster recovery processes. These multiple benefits are proven to be the driving factors of the market during the forecast period.

What are r . files?hops From shock wave therapy market?

  • The high cost associated with these advanced techniques and procedures cannot be borne by the developing and developed countries which is a major hindrance to market growth during the forecast period. The low socio-economic status of countries makes it impossible for them to choose such advanced facilities and treatments. Awareness regarding the availability of these procedures is also much lower among these states.

  • A significant amount of investment is required in order to set up the equipment needed to perform these advanced procedures. The government needs to take official steps in order to provide facilities to the common man at cheaper rates. On the other hand, manufacturers of these devices and equipment may have to face losses as a result of the inedible crowds residing in these countries.

which is the ochances From shock wave therapy market?

  • The rapid increase in the number of chronic diseases that people suffer from helps the market to record higher revenue during the forecast period. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle practices followed in the post-mortem phase lead to chronic spinal diseases and back problems. These disorders require appropriate management and treatment to achieve the best results.

  • The number of cardiovascular diseases that have increased among the people as a result of sedentary lifestyle practices is proving to be a great opportunity for shock therapy market. Lack of physical activity among people also increases the number of chronic diseases in society.

  • The various benefits and plans offered by developed countries to their citizens help them to enjoy these advanced facilities easily. Payment facilities and easier insurance services that are provided to people in developing countries make it easy for them to choose such procedures using advanced technology.

What is the C language?hallucinations From shock wave therapy market?

  • The high cost associated with these advanced technologies proved to be a challenge for market growth during the forecast period.

  • Lack of healthcare facilities in developed and developing countries hampers market growth.

  • Strict lockdowns and movement restrictions during the pandemic have challenged market growth.

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Market segmentation

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  • radial shock waves

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According to diseases

According to the application

  • Urology surgery

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