Richmond Night Market is back in full swing after two years of COVID restrictions

The Richmond Night Market It returns for the 2022 season after being cut last year due to COVID-19.

The night market in Richmond, British Columbia, is one of the largest outdoor markets in North America, usually running from May to October.

According to its website, the market — which features food stalls offering a variety of street foods, as well as games and shows — annually attracts more than one million visitors from across the province, Canada and beyond.

In 2020, the night market was canceled due to pandemic restrictions. It returned last July at reduced capacity, but ended in early September as the number of coronavirus cases rose and new restrictions were imposed.

Now, organizers are hoping for a full season running from April 29 through October 10.

Raymond Cheung, second from right, at the Richmond Night Market opening party with local politicians in July 2021. The event was shortened and ran through September with a limited capacity due to pandemic restrictions. (Richmond Night Market/Instagram)

multicultural market

Organizer and founder Raymond Cheung says this year’s slogan, “Summer Magic Rainbow,” reflects his hope for a better future after the pandemic.

“we [are] approx [at the] The end of the epidemic, almost like a rainbow will come out after the storm.”

We want people [to] I feel like this is a new beginning, a new beginning.”

Aside from more than 500 food items on display, this year’s market will offer something new: neon-light decorations throughout the venue designed to make visitors feel like they’re in a Chinese town.

“My idea is to bring back the traditional all-night market from the past, which was about 50 or 80 years ago when I traveled to Shanghai, Hong Kong…with the atmosphere, with street food, people eating, having fun as a family,” he said.

Raymond Cheung says the Richmond Night Market is a good place for new entrepreneurs to test business ideas. (Steve Zhang/CBC)

Cheung, who started the night market in 2000, says the Richmond Night Market has a long history and is unique for being multicultural.

“This is not a Taiwanese night market, this is not a night market in Shanghai. This is Canada, this is a night market in Vancouver,” he said.

“It’s not Asian anymore – we’ve combined it together [include] every culture.

Replay the moment before the epidemic

Anat Singh, founder of Melt Me Silly desserts, will be setting up a booth at the Richmond Night Market for the first time this year.

He says he hopes it will benefit his work, as he focuses on the chocolate shake, which he started at the start of the pandemic.

“What you want for the new brand is that as many people as possible try it, and I can’t think of a better path for people,” Singh said.

His business partner, Joy Giethra, said she was excited to see the visitors — and their reactions to the sweets.

“The melted chocolate will be nice and warm – you can see the fountain there, and you can dip the fruit inside [and] This cake is inside and I enjoy it.”

“It is pure joy.”

Anat Singh, left, and Joy Giethra of Melt Me Silly will set up their booth at the Richmond Night Market for the first time. (Steve Zhang/CBC)

Cheung says he wants the market to represent a return to normalcy for sellers and visitors alike.

“I hope to go back to that moment before the pandemic, where people can still feel that moment and enjoy each other right now. I hope everyone can just gather, have a good time, and enjoy the food.”

The Richmond Night Market will be open Fridays and Canada Day from 7 pm to midnight, Saturdays from 6 pm to midnight, and Sundays and Mondays long weekend from 7 pm to 11 pm.

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