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Unfortunately, there have been a series of ATM use scams, which have seen the machine swallow their card. It was later discovered that the scammers were able to intercept legitimate devices, copy a swallowed card and clean bank accounts for nefarious gain.

Police in Hertfordshire have recorded a small number of cases since January, involving individuals who harvested their cards or PINs.

Such cases can occur when fraudsters place a secret device over the device card slot.

Often invisible at a glance, this device can scan card details, transfer data and then prevent the card from being returned.

While confused Britons receive a message on an ATM that the service is ‘not available’, the scammers are given time to steal sensitive information and stuff their pockets with cash.

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Brean Horne, personal financial expert at NerdWallet, has warned Britons to be increasingly cautious when withdrawing funds.

She said: “These thefts are carried out through a hidden device that is placed above the card slot in the device, which scans the card details, transmits the data to the criminal, and then prevents the card from being returned.

Fraudsters have several ways to intelligently access your checking account and spend your money within minutes.

“It is therefore essential that you remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect yourself while using an ATM.”

When withdrawing money from an ATM, Ms. Horne suggests it is essential to choose the correct location, i.e. a machine in a well-lit area with CCTV monitoring.

Ideally, Brits could walk into a bank branch for added security, but Main Street could also provide peace of mind.

When making a cash withdrawal, it is important to remain vigilant and check for any suspicious activity in the surrounding area – like someone lurking near you to spy on the device.

An ATM should be carefully checked for skimmers, devices that can record anything a person enters, and devices that can block cash.

For extra precaution, Brits are encouraged not to carelessly dispose of ATM receipts, as information about them could be used against anyone.

PIN protection is probably one of the most important things anyone can do, and this should never be written down in case of theft.

Individuals should always obscure the view of the ATM keypad with their hands while entering their PIN, in order to keep it protected from potential cameras installed by fraudsters, or those potentially spying in the area.

Those with an ATM may be tempted to seek help, but the expert stresses that this should be a last resort.

People should never reveal their PIN, urge someone to complete a transaction on their behalf, or count money in front of strangers.

Finally, once the money has been taken, Ms Horn says it should be counted away from an ATM or a safe place, as the money should not be handled in an open public place.

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