NFT Pokémon is back in action after losing millions to scam

In Axie Infinity, the fantasy creatures fly through the air.

picture: Axi Infinity

Axi InfinityPlay to earn unquestionably exploitative cryptocurrency neopetshas reopened its Ronin blockchain bridge after inadvertently exposing its users To hack 600 million dollars in March.

The hack was made possible by an exploit in the bridge, which allowed funds to be transferred between the Ethereum and Ronin blockchain, and was the beginning of Axi InfinityThe biggest issues, as the game subsequently suffered from a price drop like the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the late spring. In May, the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) utility token became necessary to purchase and breed fat “Axie” creatures in the game, It was worth $0.00. That is, if you round up.

As of this writing, SLP . has been It’s still worth $0.00 If you round to the nearest cent. And the Axi Infinity The game stuck to the same premise I first used to draw it (sharp drop) Two hundred thousand or so Users: Create a Ronin wallet (necessary for the gameplay crypto game to earn), gain three Axie NFTs for about $20make Axi Infinity Then download the game. After that, you can fight the ax like NFT Pokemonplay one of the handful of Satellite games created by the userbreed and sell Axies to earn SLP, which is not worth any real money, or the most valuable Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), which are worth a lot $14.70 as of writing.

So the only thing that has changed in it Axi InfinityShare for being new-neopets It is her decision on June 28 to reopen the once dilapidated Ronin Bridge, which had been malfunctioning in the months following the breach. While it was out, users were still able to add crypto to their Ronin wallets, but The process was less easy.

Axi Infinity She was already showing signs of tension before the massive robbery. Shortly before the developers removed the Ronin Bridge, users were noticing tog It has become less profitable than it was before

Reddit user “The way the game is currently very unrewarding” answered in a topic discussion if tog It was “worth playing for the money”. “With small SLP gains and a stressful arena that gives your enemies two [critical hits] Straight most of the time, it can be really bad for your mental health.”

By April, players were paid very low –Often from the Philippineswhere average monthly income About 800 USD –They were exiting the game en masse due to diminishing returns. togHis goal appears to be, in part, to confuse people enough to make them believe in it – it’s complicated and expensive to start playing and keep playing. But for gamers who have been abused, the $600 million hack and waning faith in cryptocurrency exposed it tog It was not the transformational approach to work that presents itself as. Instead, it is an incredibly weak economy and requires weak labor to continue plodding forward.

The developers are now trying to rebuild the players’ trust. by game Newsletter Roninthe updated bridge was audited three times – once internally and once with VeriChainsand once with blockchain security company CertiK. User funds are now backed 1:1 by Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and endless It says it has stuck to its commitment to recover the 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million USDC it lost in the March exploit.

56000 of this ETH is encapsulated in Ethereum (wETH) stolen from Axi Dao (Decentralized organization) Treasury, which distributes funds to tog community and AXS holders. Axi Infinity It says in its newsletter that it is working “with law enforcement to recover the funds,” and if “the funds are not fully recovered within two years, Axie DAO will vote on next steps for Treasury.”

Apart from this, Axi Infinity tell her Developed by Sky Mavis Pay in full the millions of lost coins and users Feel more optimistic About the game that will Entering land ownership This week after two years of questionable promises. The gameplay will not change with the reopening of the Ronin Bridge, but now users can, perhaps, be more secure and easier to take advantage of.

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