Names of all 25 blockchain projects in YourStory & Buidlers Tribe List of Best Web3 Innovations

last week, your story The Web3 Incubator Bidler’s tribe Unveiled Web3’s Top 25 Innovations Report, specially curated list for 25 promising Indian startups led by a founder in the blockchain sector.

Each of the twenty-five contestants received a NFT Non-tradable As an award to commemorate and prove their status as one of the finalists for the Top 25 Web Innovations Group 3.

your story Report partners include Woodstock Fund, Hashed Emergent, And Cherati Ventures.

The report is part of your story An ongoing commitment to developing narratives around the blockchain and Web3, nurturing, building and enabling clusters of innovative and disruptive emerging Web3 that we are convinced have the potential to solve problems at scale and define the future of the Metaverse.

Download the report here to access the full list and details of 25 high-potential Web3 projects.

Here’s a quick look at each of Web3’s top 25 innovations:


MooPay is a codeless, unguarded multi-thread payment gateway. As the company claims, in less than two minutes, one can start receiving payments from anyone directly in their wallets. MooPay has combined the UX of Web 2 with the features of Web 3 and is multi-threaded, with a presence in seven threads.

router protocol

router protocol It is a mechanism for cross-chain communication, which mainly focuses on a specific use case for bridging assets across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks using stablecoins as a means of transferring value. The router’s alpha mainnet currently supports cross-threading and swaps between Polygon, BSC and Avalanche


arcana Helps developers securely manage the data layer of their applications with an SDK for user authentication, encrypted data storage, and access management. The idea stems from a gap where the founders noted the friction in user setup from having to install and use third-party tools like MetaMask, the complexity involved in setting up a wallet, lack of control over access to onchain, data ownership, transparency in how secure data is stored and shared, and lack of platforms Developer friendly data management as well as usability and scalability issues for Web 3 products by Web 2 developers.


Economics It provides plug-and-play APIs to make Web 3 easy to use and friction-free. The future of the Internet is decentralized, and the bionic is an important infrastructure to stand on. Its APIs and SDKs make any decentralized application usable for anyone regardless of their cryptographic knowledge and experience. Allegedly, more than 100 Web3 companies leverage their products to ensure that all the benefits of Web3 come with Web2’s intuition.


Coinvise Builds powerful no-code tools for creators to launch and run Web3 communities; It simplifies high-risk Web 3 operations for communities using code-free tools and enabling stronger participation. The team primarily focuses on New Age Creators and Communities. It claims to have over 8000 community members, with over 400 premium creators building a community on the platform.


DAOLens Focuses on reducing shareholder momentum in DAOs. In the long term, DAOLens aims to touch the entire stakeholder lifecycle, from discovery to onboarding to effective contribution and participation to ultimately successful operations via a suite of infrastructure-based DAO tools.


Digenor It is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for exclusive and officially licensed Indian cinema collectibles. The catwalk sold its first set of NFTs from superstar Rajinikanth ‘Sivaji’. It recently launched NFTs of Chandramukhi and Kabali too which included songs from legends like AR Rahman and metaverse versions of movie set props. NFTs are backed by full copyright and IP licenses with reputable media houses such as AVM Productions and YNOT Studios.

Zippy Fitness

graceful It is building a decentralized 2D Metaverse for both indoor and outdoor web 3 runners, in the Go to Profit category. It aims to change the way 600 million people around the world run by empowering a community-driven, borderless, and runner-focused Metaverse. In this virtual world, users can run, connect and train with fellow racers around the world in virtual and real experiences built on the principles of decentralized web, game technology, and deep technology.


severon It focuses on providing a decentralized user interface (UI) for developers/designers from Web 3 and Web 2 organizations. It acts as an aggregation platform for the deployment of decentralized cloud protocols, helping developers to easily access and include them. It also provides better developer tools to help organizations easily transition from Web 2 to the world of Web 3.


Atlantis is a peer-to-peer decentralized water network platform, helping people and businesses access clean water and earn money from replenishing it. It claims to be the only open water market that promotes fair trade in aquatic assets. Some of its main clients are Leela Palace and DTDC, along with apartments and commercial properties.

maximum protocol

maximum protocol It is an integrated portfolio manager for cryptocurrency, designed to automate the process for DAOs and traditional individuals and organizations. Its asset management platform is designed to simplify the process of investing in crypto without relying on a third party or manager to handle investments on behalf of investors.

Its proprietary tool – Arcem Engine – helps the user to learn about a range of products and protocols such as crop farms, DAOs, NFT Drops, IDOs, IFOs, etc.

orange wallet

orange wallet It is a multi-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), IDOs (Initial Dex Offering) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) across most if not all EVM-based chains. The startup rewrites the user interface (UI) of each protocol and integrates them to provide the simplest user experience as well.


AcknoLedger It is a global platform that assigns, monetizes, and seamlessly distributes Web 3 digital assets across Game Metaverses and NFTs. By adopting a decentralized approach, AcknoLedger is collaborating with existing NFT ecosystem partners and Metaverse to deploy Universal Content Number System (UCNS) solutions for their existing digital assets.

rare one

rare one You are building the world’s first Metaverse or Foodverse. Celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of tastes from around the world, it is committed to bringing the global food and beverage industry into the blockchain space where celebrity chefs, restaurants and food brands will be able to create virtual dining experiences, tokens with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and interact with global audiences.

task book

The lack of a streamlined process makes it difficult for Web3 grant managers to run grant programs effectively, which leads to delays, lost updates, and builder rollbacks. task book He built a state-of-the-art, on-chain, decentralized grant format to solve this problem that grant managers face.

Here, all data is stored on chain and the front end is served via decentralized storage networks. QuestBook does not run its own database or servers – which makes the product completely decentralized, open source and configurable.

offset farm

OffsetFarm is building its own web platform and smart contracts to support transactions between investors and project developers. Pre-financed climate projects for investors are listed on the platform by designing their “deals”.

These are represented by NFTs (non-replaceable token) called SPROUT. Ownership of SPROUT gives them rights to future (redeemable) OFFSET tokens backed by real carbon offsets. The startup also helps funnel money into the hands of project developers to facilitate implementation.


Raid allows anyone to create multitasking vaults with token-based voting in a matter of minutes right from Discord. The team at Raid builds a treasury management interface with weight-based voting and ERC20 tokens, and lets users handle all of this right from Discord – where most DAOs work.


cinder It is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient, and multiple synthetic assets with sustainable liquidity. Generates native omnichain dTokens against stablecoins or payout-bearing stablecoins. Users can borrow dTokens with a very low native MCR (Minimum Collateral Ratio). It is interconnectable between all chains and offers multiple collateral support – FRAX, DAI, LUSD, aDAI, cDAI, etc.


right Aims to simplify self-incubation. It makes it easy and secure for individuals and businesses to manage their digital assets without giving up control and ownership. The platform allows exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale their digital asset operations through a plug-and-play wallet architecture powered by HSM.

wall application

wall application It is a social discovery platform for the NFT world. It focuses on gathering on-chain data and off-chain information to help discover/keep up with new projects and people. Discover new NFT projects and keep up with current projects Separated between Twitter, Discord and OpenSea, aims to bring all the information in one place.

LearnWeb3 DAO

LearnWeb3 DAO It is an educational platform for new and experienced developers who want to break into Web 3. It provides a structured path to get from A to Z, is completely free and features original content for learners. The product is currently built as a public good and has a commitment not to charge students for tuition.

candula mesh

candula It is a decentralized network protocol for the Internet of Things that resolves IoT privacy and security, and enables IoT NFT through digital identity and ownership. The Kandola Network platform intends to transform at least four major markets: IoT device manufacturing, IoT solution development, IoT market, and data integration.


Pillow It is a DeFi investment platform that helps users to make the best returns on their cryptocurrency without any hassles associated with it. Instead of going through multiple hoops from stock exchange to portfolio custodianship to bridges to the right chains and finding the right investments, users invest in a one-step cushion. Pillow’s research team is exploring over 500 protocols across 10 different chains to find the safest way to generate returns of up to 18 percent on USDC/USDT and up to 7.5 percent on BTC and ETH.


covalent It provides a unified API with the goal of highlighting 3 billions of web data points. Simply put, Covalent offers a single API that allows developers to pull detailed and granular blockchain transaction data from multiple blockchains without token. Developers can use Covalent to build multi-chain applications such as crypto wallets, NFT galleries, and investor dashboard tools, using data from 26+ blockchains.

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS)

The ebns The platform allows services to send notifications to wallets. Using its decentralized protocol, any DApp, smart contract or backend can send notifications to the user’s wallet address in an open, multi-thread, and platform manner, allowing any crypto wallet/front-end to take advantage of the network and get a connection across it.

Download the report here to access the full list and details of 25 high-potential Web3 projects.

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