Madhu Chopra achieves success as a businesswoman despite being the mother of an international star

Dr. Madhu Chopra She may be known as the mother of the international superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas But that didn’t stop her from carving her own niche. She trained as an ENT specialist from the Armed Forces College of Medicine, Pune, and has served in the armed forces for much of her career.

This year is special for her. Became a grandmother to daughter Priyanka and Nick Jonas and her clinic in Mumbai aesthetics studio, completed 14 years. Dr. Madhu started the studio with her late husband Ashok Chopra in the year 2009.

in interaction with her storyAnd Dr. Madhu and Dr. Nitika Modi, Manager, share their journey and their vision for the times to come.

star mother

Around 2008, Dr. Madhu accompanied Priyanka to Florida where she was filming Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham starrer-Dostana. She shares that her sister, a neurosurgeon, sent her a flyer with courses in cosmetology.

She told me not to waste my time and train myself. I completed the courses and enjoyed them so much that I decided to bring that knowledge back to Mumbai.”

Back in India, she discussed the idea of ​​starting a plastic surgery studio with her husband, and eventually, Studio Aesthetique appeared.

Dr. Ashok felt that India, and Mumbai in particular, needed a clinic specializing in cosmetic treatment. He was already a specialist in laser therapy focused on reducing belly fat,” says Dr. Neetika.

Unfortunately, Dr. Ashok passed away in 2013. Dr. Nitika was the Chopra family dentist and also specialized in dental and facial treatments. “I have shared a very good relationship with Dr. Chopra and family. There were times when we would refer our patients to each other.” Dr. Neetika has been practicing dentistry for nearly 23 years now.

“Because we share the same ideologies and vision for investing in technology, we decided to collaborate around the end of 2018.”

Dr. Madhu says they have tried to offer innovative aesthetic procedures to their clients including lip injections, non-surgical rhinoplasty, anti-aging derma fillers, and more. In addition, the two worked closely to publish a new imaging techniques program that will help a patient know the outcome if they plan to proceed with treatment.

today, aesthetics studio It has become a one-stop solution for dental, cosmetic surgery and skin treatments. It is located in Juhu, Mumbai, and has clients that include ‘some in Hollywood’ movie stars, cricketers, industrialists and more. However, they cannot name any client due to confidentiality clauses.

Dr. Madhu reiterates that “absolute confidentiality, the best doctors and the best equipment” are the foundation of their practice.

Dr. Nitika Modi and Dr. Madhu Chopra

Giving a different meaning to beauty in this era

Dr. Neetika points out that the internet has democratic surgeries and cosmetic treatments. “Earlier, only those who were facing the camera performed these treatments but today everyone aspires to correct what they feel is wrong with their body.”

She says she and Dr. Madhu Chopra look at the whole picture to understand and plan how to bridge the gap between what a patient desires and how it can be achieved. They plan treatment together and work closely together.

At a time when the concept of beauty is constantly being redefined and, on the other hand, social media is constantly putting pressure on unrealistic beauty standards, people are coming to realize the importance of embracing their natural beauty. How does Studio Aesthethique balance these predicaments?

Dr. Nitika agrees that sometimes patients make unrealistic demands like, “We need Priyanka Chopra’s smile. Tell them you don’t have a PC nose or chin so I can’t give you that smile because it has to match your identity and face type.”

She adds that in the modeling industry, some of the girls who come in for therapy are as young as 18!

“These girls are so prestigious that we have to sit down with them, sometimes with their parents, and turn down a lot of procedures like chin augmentation,”

Dr. Madhu says she tells her clients that they should not accept themselves if they are not happy or feel less confident. “There is no need to feel guilty about wanting to look good.” She also says that aging and living in polluted cities affect the skin. “You cannot prevent lines from appearing on the skin because you are tired from work, home, or other responsibilities. The environment in which people live today is not as great as the one in which our grandparents lived.”

Thus, in such cases, she asserts, “You have the right to preserve your skin and your body.”

However, she says she has become strict with clients who try to overdo it. “I just improve who you are and don’t go into reshaping faces making you look like a different person.”

Dr. Neetika says they also make sure to counsel clients properly and make them understand the treatments before proceeding with the procedures.

What’s Next?

Looking back, Dr. Madhu said it’s been a long journey for her as a businesswoman and as a doctor. According to her, the studio has developed in tandem with the ecosystem and society as a whole. On facing prejudices as a physician and entrepreneur, she said that men show more confidence and support, too. “There was a huge bias against female doctors especially when I lived in small towns. But I am happy to see the change and the growing awareness among men.”

She also says it is very encouraging to see women transcend the roles they play.

Going forward, Studio Aesthetique plans to expand to other cities in India and beyond such as Dubai. These plans are still in progress. In addition to this, they are also planning to bring in more technology which includes bringing in more tools, equipment, machines and more. Studio Aesthetique is also collaborating with a well-known dermatologist in Mumbai, Monica Jacob, to advance their game and improve the services they currently provide.

“Scientific progress is happening very quickly, and the most important thing is to keep up with these developments. Likewise, I believe that collaboration is the way forward. People with expertise in different fields help you become a one-stop shop.”