Inflation in Canada: 10 restaurants in Toronto under $10

High rates of inflation affected every aspect of daily life – particularly the cost of food.

Statistics Canada announced on Wednesday that its annual inflation rate rose 7.7 percent in May – its highest level in nearly 40 years.

Meanwhile, the price of nearly every grocery item rose 9.7 percent, driving up the cost of food at many restaurants as well.

However, some local storefronts have managed to keep their costs low.

Here is a list of 10 Toronto locations that offer meals for $10 or less.

Chew Chew’s dinner

Chew Chew’s Diner is an East End restaurant at the corner of Carlton and Sherborne Streets where staff members stir eggs at the breakfast bar’s grill and customers drink coffee in red leather booths.

They offer weekly specials for under $7 and breakfast combos including three eggs, your choice of sausage, bacon or ham, house fries, coffee and toast with jam for as little as $10 before 11am on weekdays – and this mix of sides works on all their appetizers.

Owner Danny Adeyev of Chew Chew’s Diner cooks up to 600 meals a week for the homeless community in Toronto. (CTV Toronto/Hana Alberga)

square boy

Square Boy is a family owned business with a decades old philosophy of keeping their prices as low as possible for the loyal Danforth community.

Even compared to the Square Boy specials of the ’80s, prices for chicken souvlaki ($7.75), chicken burger ($5.50), and hamburger ($5.50), all paired with fries and a pop or pita, went up just a few dollars each.

la chillaca

La Chilaca is a street-style Mexican restaurant located in Kensington Market that has been hailed as one of the most authentic burritos and tacos in the city.

Individual shrimp, grilled steak, chicken and fish, or a Campechano taco range from $3 to $5 while a burrito filled with black beans, cheese, and vegetables costs $8.

For $10, they also serve lamb, chicken, pork, or tofu.

La Chilaca Taqueria is located in Kensington Market in Toronto. (CTV News Toronto/Corey Bird)

Logas Corner

Logas Corner is located in the Little Tibet neighborhood of Parkdale and is famous for their mums.

A Styrofoam container filled with 10 steamed momos — beef, chicken, veggies, or potatoes — costs $7, paired with homemade hot sauce.


Mamajoun is an Armenian pizzeria in Scarborough that serves flour-coated dough topped with marinated meat and lemon juice.

A ground beef pie costs $5.50 while a thyme, tomato, and green olive pizza costs just a few cents at $5.75.

(CTV News Toronto / Hannah Alberga)


Papo’s is a 30-year-old takeout counter with two locations in the Greater Toronto Area – one in Markham and one in Scarborough.

For about $10, customers can order a vegetable curry combo set with rice. Other dishes like kadai or chili chicken cost $8.95.

Entertainment Kitchen

The Entertainment Kitchen is part of the Caribbean food sector on Oakwood and Eglinton Streets.

On Wednesdays, a goat curry with rice, peas and steamed vegetables is just $5, while airy chicken from the same sides is $10 any day of the week.

juicy dumplings

Juicy Dumpling is the takeaway counter located on the ground floor of the Dragon Mall on Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street.

The Chinatown store offers a dozen mini steamed dumplings filled with pork for $2.99. For just $1, you can have four pork buns or four fried chicken dumplings.

Bitondo Pizza

Bitondo Pizzeria is a small Italian restaurant located in an apartment building on Clinton Street, just south of the main stretch of restaurants on College Street.

A slice of pepperoni pizza costs $5 while cheese panzo is just under $10.

progress bakery

Progress Bakery is a Portuguese storefront that has been around the corner of Dovercourt and Hallam for over a decade.

While pastries are the primary draw, a veal, pork belly, or chicken sandwich is just under $10 packed into one of the fresh baked buns baked each morning.

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