Industry Summary: eBike regulation, stolen bikes, Zwift layoffs and more

What is happening in the bicycle industry this month? Industry Summary It is a peek behind the curtain and features articles from our sister site, a bike retailer and industry news. In each installment, you may find patents, mergers, financial reports, and industry gossip.

Discussing the regulation of the “eye opener” e-bike for industry

By: Steve Frothingham // Bicycle retailer and industry news

The closing session at this year’s Cycling Conference wasn’t the brightest or the best attended. But it was probably more than 60 minutes of the two-day conference. “It was a real eye-opener,” Claudia Wasco, general manager of the North American e-bike business for Bosch, said after the session. Moderator Larry Pizzi said he sensed the audience’s interest.

“I can tell you, from the podium I was looking at and saw people standing so they could take pictures of the slides,” he said after the session.

There was not much new information. Instead, it was a fresh overview of federal e-bike regulations, some of which date back two decades. The review highlighted the severe penalties that can come from non-compliance – fines that lead to bankruptcy and other regulatory actions that can hold back the entire industry.

“This was a fairly realistic discussion for probably 50% of the people in that room,” said the industry lawyer who sat at the hearing.

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Merida has reported 133 bikes stolen from a container during a layover in England

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Merida Bikes reported the theft of 133 bikes Thursday from a container in the Port of Southampton that was en route to its logistics facility here.

Container locks were cut before more than 210 bikes were stolen. Merida said her logistics partner instructs all drivers to park only in secure facilities. The theft occurred at the Fleet Services truck stop (lounge) on the M3 motorway equipped with CCTV and ANPR cameras.

Merida Ninety Six 2021

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Zwift announces layoffs and stops coaches’ plans

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Zwift has announced massive layoffs and a “pause” for its long-awaited hardware development program.

California Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) records show that Zwift has left 63 workers at its Long Beach facility, as of July 11. The company may also have allowed workers to go to other states.

The company has been working on its own line of smart bike and live trainer offerings, but development ran into delays and proved to be more complex than initially anticipated, as discussed in the podcast from above, with a launch previously expected sometime this year.

However, after similar layoffs at Wahoo and Peloton, Zwift has now decided to lay off employees and halt development of its line of devices.


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Globe e-bike brand new specialized releases

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Specialized on Tuesday announced a new line of e-bikes under the Globe brand, which Specialized has used in the past for city bikes.

The company said Globe will allow independent bike stores to compete with only D2C e-bike brands. Globe will be a new business unit and “an extension of the niche brand that will focus on bringing more fun to local life while reducing the number of car, truck and SUV trips needed for daily transportation.”

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TIME enters the US market again with complete tires and bikes

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

TIME Bicycles is officially returning to the US market under new ownership and with a new IBD sales range. For the first time since the brand was acquired by Groupe Rossignol, it will have full bikes, a new gravel model and tire supply in the US

“There was a long list of things we didn’t have yet,” said Tony Karklins, chief executive of Cardinal Cycling Group, which bought the brand from Groupe Rossignol last year.

Time continues to manufacture tires at its plant in Slovakia; Complete US bikes are assembled at a new facility in Arkansas.

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Osprey’s Lynne Rigney is stepping down as CEO

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Osprey Packs announced Thursday that CEO Layne Rigney will be leaving the company at the end of the next day for nearly six years. Rigney recently led Osprey through the acquisition of Helen of Troy.

Going forward, the Osprey executive team will report to the Helen of Troy Home & Outdoor leadership team.

“We want to thank Layne for his partnership and dedication throughout the acquisition and integration process,” said Larry Waite, president of Helen of Troy Home & Outdoor. “Osprey thrived under Layne’s leadership, playing a pivotal role in taking the brand into this next phase of growth.”

Rob Thompson pictures

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Amid layoffs reports, Wahoo announces its acquisition of RGT Cycling

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

While several former employees of Wahoo Fitness have told BRAIN in recent days that they have been laid off, the company announced on Tuesday that it has purchased RGT Cycling, a virtual cycling platform.

Former employees of BRAIN say Wahoo allowed about 50 employees across its many departments and facilities in Georgia; Boulder, Colorado; Reno, Nevada; Tasmania. A former employee said he was told Wahoo has reduced its workforce by 20%. A Wahoo spokesperson told BRAIN that the impact of the changes is “very small”.

“Strategic changes were made last week to support Wahoo’s growth and development,” the spokesperson said. “We didn’t take these decisions lightly, but we did make them to ensure Wahoo continues to focus on innovative new products and services. Athletes’ needs are evolving and our focus areas need to do the same. We greatly value the contributions of our talented Wahoo teammates and are committed to supporting affected team members in their transitions.”

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Shimano is asking SRAM-owned Hammerhead to remove Di2 posts from its head unit

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Hammerhead, the GPS cycling computer startup that SRAM acquired in January, says Shimano has asked it to remove at least some Di2 functionality from its Karoo 2 main units.

Hammerhead announced the move in a post Thursday in the support FAQ section of its website. It was first reported on Shimano did not immediately respond to inquiries from BRAIN on Friday. A Hammerhead representative shared the company’s response below.

The Karoo 2 currently has functionality that allows it to show the battery level of Shimano’s Di2 system and use the buttons on top of some Di2 road arms to switch displays on the main unit. Hammerhead said that with next week’s software update, users will lose a “small subset” of Di2 functionality. It indicated that it is negotiating with Shimano to return the features.

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The Park Tool issues a “Discontinued and Check” notice for some crankshaft pullers

By: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News

Park Tool has issued a discontinued notice and has checked the CCP-22, CCP-44, and CWP-7 crankshaft pullers due to a non-spec nut that could damage the cranks during removal.

Some, but not all, tools sold between October 2021 and April 2022 may be affected by shoddy threads on the nut.

The notice applies to the Park Tool CCP-22, CCP-44, and CWP-7 Crank Pullers. Some, but not all, instruments purchased between October 2021 and April 2022 may be affected.

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