How to clean a floor without streaks: 5 steps to success

It’s easy to neglect cleaning the floor as often as it should, but while this task may seem banal, it will instantly increase your space. So, it’s time to move the question of how to clean the floor without streaks to the top of your agenda.

Whether you’re working on a floor in a crowded area – like an entryway or kitchen – or you’re looking for How to clean stone floors With a clean finish – this expert-approved method is the secret to success.

How to clean the floor without streaks – the professional way

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This is simple Cleaning Tips It will leave you a streak-free floor – quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Choose the right equipment for your floor type

Matonel Margherita, vitrified floor tiles, Mutina in Domus

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According to the interior design experts at HillarysThe process behind streak-free cleaning starts with proper planning – and that includes finding the best mop and bucket for your floor type. String wiper (like this mop on amazon) They work best on tiled floors with more texture. Meanwhile, sponge mops work well on softer floors (such as laminate).

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