Goodyear tests its airless tires on the Tesla Model 3

Goodyear is testing its airless tires on a Tesla Model 3, and they are said to perform well, according to this video from Mashable. And the video stated that during testing, the tires performed impressively, hugging curves and moving skillfully around obstacles. The airless tires were able to perform well while the Model 3 maintained impressive speeds. The idea is to pair Tesla cars and airless tires to support a larger, more sustainable vision.

The video noted that airless tires are immune to punctures, which means that when more of them are on the road, fewer tires end up in the scrap yard. Additionally, as self-driving vehicles become more and more popular, airless tires could be a game-changer where they are meant to be maintenance-free.

In January 2022, car and driver It reported that Goodyear revealed its sustainable tire concept and tested its new airless tire. The frame is made from 70% sustainable materials. The company has begun testing its airless tire on small delivery robots. This follows a goal set by Goodyear in 2020 to create a tire made from completely sustainable materials by 2030. The prototype is the first step toward that goal. The materials will also help Goodyear rely less on petroleum-based products.

The airless tire has been tested by Starship Technologies, which builds and operates a fleet of more than 1,000 autonomous parcel and food delivery robots. car and driver He pointed out that the airless tire aims to extend the life of the tire while reducing fleet maintenance.

This isn’t the first time Goodyear airless tires have been tested on a Tesla Model 3. In November 2021, InsideEVs You mentioned this and noted that Goodyear’s intent is to develop electric car tires with a commercial launch by 2030. The article also included the following statement from Goodyear:

“As part of its commitment to enabling mobility now and in the future, Goodyear has expanded testing of its non-airless tires to include high-performance electric vehicles.

“After successfully carrying out durability testing of non-pneumatic tires at speeds up to 100 mph, Goodyear recently tested replacement tire architecture at Akron Proving Grounds.”

We’ve reported on Goodyear’s green tire efforts for years, too. For example, in 2018, Tina Casey wrote about an attempt to develop tires made of moss. Last year, I wrote about Goodyear’s collaboration with UFODrive, a fully digital, all-electric car rental company focused on improving the performance of the electric vehicle fleet. Goodyear and UFODrive will join forces to integrate their mobility solutions. This includes Goodyear’s intelligent tire monitoring system and a suite of proactive solutions as well as UFODrive’s advanced mobility software as a service platform. Just a few weeks ago, Tina Casey also wrote about Goodyear’s pursuit of soybean tires.



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