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The Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Extrusion Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.58% from a market size of $30.464 billion in 2020 to a market size of $41.668 billion in 2027.

The packaging segment is the main driving factor for market growth in the LDPE extrusion market. As it is more and more commonly used in flexible packaging, the demand for LDPE is increasing. Hence, due to the fact that the use of flexible packaging is increasing in developed and developing countries, the LDPE market is expected to grow during the forecast period globally.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) extrusion is a type of thermoplastic composed of an ethylene monomer. It is manufactured by the polymerization of ethylene, which occurs either through an autoclave or via a tubular reactor process under high pressure. Provides great resistance to dilute and concentrated acids, esters, alcohols and bases.

Due to these characteristics, LDPE extrusion is best known as the best application for manufacturing containers, molded laboratory equipment, dispensing bottles and washing bottles. It is also used in the manufacture of plastic bags, due to its good resistance to chemical and electrical properties.

Due to the same characteristics, the demand for LDPE has increased recently. This demand is increasing, and the LDPE market is expected to grow in the coming years despite the year-long collapse due to COVID-19.

Common Use of Low Density Polyethylene Extrusion in Packaging

LDPE helps keep edible products safe from many environmental factors and pathogens. This extends the shelf life of these edible products and preserves their flavor by retaining their nutritional values. As a result, LDPE extrusions are more commonly used in food and beverage packaging, such as baked goods, snacks, frozen products, dairy, and meat.

It is also used in lining product packaging, tamper evident product packaging, and many more. In addition, due to its plasticity and low water absorption, it is also used in the manufacture of pipes and fittings. It is also applicable to insulating materials for sheathing of telecommunication cables and wires.

The most important characteristics of LDPE extrusion are that it is recyclable, renewable, and non-toxic. Due to these environmentally friendly properties, the use of LDPE is encouraged by environmentalists all over the world. This has a positive impact on the global LDPE market.

Moreover, the market is expected to be boosted by the booming construction and auto sectors. LDPE is non-polluting and can also resist the impact of chemicals, tearing, pressure cracks, and moisture. Thus, they are also preferred by litter boxes, shipping envelopes, droppers, floor tiles and dropper bottles.

Moreover, the use and application of LDPE due to its renewable and dielectric properties is expanding worldwide.

Other factors: construction industry and urbanization

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) extrusion has many applications in the construction sector which have affected the demand for it around the world.

Many countries have restarted work on many construction or infrastructure projects and there is an estimated growth in infrastructure projects in countries such as the United States, Canada, India, Australia and many more. These increasing construction projects will eventually lead to increased demand for LDPE worldwide in the coming years.

Moreover, urbanization is also one of the additional driving factors for the growth of the LDPE market. LDPE extrusion is more commonly seen in urban area. According to a United Nations report, about 55% of the total population living in urban areas is currently.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the proportion of urban population is expected to reach 66% in 2030. Hence, the rise in urban population is expected to be attributed to the growth of LDPE extrusion market during the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific region will expand at a faster pace.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to grow faster in the LPDE market over the next five years. Due to the increasing demand for LDPE Films, Coatings and Papers in countries like Japan, China, India etc., Asia Pacific is estimated to hold a prominent market share in the future.

The latest developments

The major players in the market are constantly focusing on the developments and advancements in the technology of low density polyethylene extrusion manufacturing. These advances include quality, low cost, and environmental impact. The new upgraded products are cost effective and easy to process as well.

  • HP2027NN LDPE from SABIC has excellent optics and high rigidity, with high production capacity and better retractability.
  • SABIC’s Clean Tubular Reactor technology offers options for extrusion coating production that are more suitable for autoclaving, higher cell structure and lower production costs.

Main topics covered:

1 Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market dynamics
4.1 Market Drivers
4.2 Market Restrictions
4.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.4 Industry value chain analysis

5. Global Low Density Polyethylene Extrusion Market, by Product Type
5.1 Introduction
5.2 blow molded
5.3 Films and papers
5.4. The syringe is designed

6. Global Low Density Polyethylene Extrusion Market, by End User
6.1 Cultivation
6.2 Electricity and electronics
6.3 Packaging
6.4 build
6.5. Aharon

7. Global Low Density Polyethylene Extrusion Market, By Geography
7.1 Introduction
7.2 North America
7.2.1. United States of America
7.2.2. Canada
7.2.3. Mexico
7.3. South america
7.3.1. Brazil
7.3.2. Argentina
7.3.3. Aharon
7.4. Europe
7.4.1. Germany
7.4.2. France
7.4.3. United kingdom
7.4.4. Aharon
7.5 Middle East and Africa
7.5.1. Kingdom Saudi Arabia
7.5.2. The United Arab Emirates
7.5.3. Aharon
7.6 Asia Pacific
7.6.1. China
7.6.2. India
7.6.3. Japan
7.6.4. South Korea
7.6.5. Taiwan
7.6.6. Thailand
7.6.7. Indonesia
7.6.8. Aharon

8. Competitive environment and analysis
8.1 Key players and strategy analysis
8.2 Emerging players and winning the market
8.3 Mergers and acquisitions, agreements and collaborations
8.4 Vendor Competitive Matrix

9. The mentioned companies

  • caster
  • daw
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Formosa Plastic Company
  • LG Chem
  • Nova Chemicals Company
  • PetroChina Co., Ltd.
  • National Petrochemical Company
  • Reliance Industries Ltd
  • Westlake chemical company

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