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Updated: May 23, 2022 11:35 AM

Carolyn McGill, CEO of Bermuda Investors’ Society

Bermuda Investor Community Limited has announced the launch of the island’s first fully digital platform, bringing together qualified investors and entrepreneurs.

The launch event for the platform will be on June 7.

Bermuda Investor Community is a sister company to Ignite, the island’s first privately funded business accelerator.

The launch of the online community platform represents a major goal of the founders of Ignite – creating an official channel connecting qualified investors with startups and small businesses in Bermuda.

All profits generated from community activities in the Ignite program will be recycled.

Caroline McGill, CEO of the Bermuda Investors Community, said: “We are excited about our launch and invite investors and entrepreneurs to register on our platform ahead of the official launch event.

“The platform is designed to help entrepreneurs present their investment needs in an investor-friendly manner, while protecting any commercially sensitive information.

Likewise, investors can find investment opportunities on the platform while maintaining confidentiality.

“Our impressive group of volunteers, including finance and investment professionals, are working tirelessly to prepare our entrepreneurs for investment and we are very excited to have a number of investment opportunities ready to be offered to investors.”

Don McKenzie, co-founder of Ignite (file photo by Akil Simmons)

Don McKenzie, co-founder of Ignite, said: “So far, Ignite’s work has created significant job opportunities and fostered entrepreneurship in Bermuda through education and mentorship.

“The Bermuda Investor Community is the next step in creating an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses in Bermuda.

“Ultimately, we hope that creating a formal investment market for small businesses will further accelerate job creation and economic opportunity and diversify the economy that will benefit all Bermudians.”

Sean Reel, CEO of Ignite (file photo by Akil Simmons)

Shaun Ryle, CEO of Ignite, said: “Entrepreneurs in our community are building powerful drivers of economic recovery, yet access to capital to grow their businesses is a challenge in Bermuda.

“Raising money can be difficult in a community as small as ours, where privacy is so valuable and capital is hard to find.

“The Bermuda Investor Community is a welcome solution to these problems and a much-needed boost to small businesses ready for growth.”

Ms. McGill, who specializes in sustainable finance and impact investing at Hillbreak, an ESG coaching and advisory firm, is joined on the board by Non-Executive Director George Thomas, CEO, Global Operations and President of the Americas, XB Market Ventures; Non-Executive Director Penny McIntyre, a partner in Rego Sotheby’s International Realty; Managing Director Neil Patterson, Co-Founder of Ignite and Retired President of KPMG in Bermuda; and Managing Director Andrew Barron, Senior Advisor to Equilibria Capital Management.

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