Ford F-150 Lightning electric car needs $3,900 home appliance to use as backup power

Ford has confirmed the pricing for its Home Integration System, which enables the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck to power your home in the event of a power outage.

It will cost $3,895 before installation which is a really good price…

When Ford unveiled the F-150 Lightning, one of the features that caused quite a stir was its support for bi-directional charging: Ford Intelligent Backup Power.

This means that the electric pickup truck can return power to a home, other vehicle, or anything it can be connected to.

In March, Ford unveiled the Ford Charge Station Pro, a two-way home charging station that works with the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck.

At the time, we were impressed by the cost of the home charger. At $1,310, it’s a lot more expensive than your average home charging solution, but it’s rated at 80 amps and offers two-way capacity—two very valuable features.

Also, it is included in the price of the Extended Range version of Lightning, therefore, you only need to purchase the charging station with the Standard Range F-150 Lightning.

However, we noted that to unlock the Ford Charge Station Pro’s bi-directional capacity, it must be integrated with Ford’s Home Integration system through its installation partner, Sunrun.

We didn’t know the price of this add-on, but Matthew Stover, Ford’s director of charging and power services, has now confirmed that it starts at $3,895 before installation:

If you want your truck to power your home during a power outage, take advantage of Ford Intelligent Backup Power and get a Home Integration System that works with Charge Station Pro. The Home Integration system is required to truly take advantage of the F-150 Lightning’s bi-directional power flow. Consisting of an inverter, a transfer switch and battery, this system will be sold via Sunrun for $3,895, with installation costs dependent on your personal home setup. When the power goes out, the system automatically disconnects from the utility line and switches to Ford Intelligent Backup Power so the truck can send power to your home.

This is starting to build, especially for a Standard Range F-150 Lightning owner who will have to purchase $5,200 worth of hardware plus installation to take advantage of the truck’s home backup power capability.

Although keep in mind that it replaces an entire home battery pack system, which is expensive. For example, one Tesla Powerwall will cost you $11,500, and that’s if you can get it. The 14.4kWh Powerwall contains about 1/10 of the F-150’s 300-mile battery.

The question to ask: When will Tesla enter this game, or does it not want to interfere with its lucrative Powerwall business?

Also, will Ford enable this functionality in its other electric vehicles such as the Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit trucks? We hear there will be more about that soon and it could make a clear difference against other electric vehicle manufacturers.

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