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DyerNews, covering topics such as money management, small business, fintech and product reviews, has published “Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month – April 2022” which lists the best personal finance related articles published in April 2022.

Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month – April 2022, divided into three sections, comprised of financial spring cleaning tips, time management and general suggestions on managing personal finance more effectively. Each represents an aspect of life that an individual must take seriously if they are to stay ahead of their bills and reduce unnecessary spending – at least in the current economic climate.

The first article on the list, “How to Clean Your Closet with the Quick Closet Purge” from One Frugal Girl, covers how a good spring cleaning can expose unhealthy buying habits. For example, you realize that everyone likes a good deal, but some people may find themselves having to buy new clothes that they don’t like very much or that may not fit well simply because they were apparently available at an affordable price.

“Is it hard to cleanse clothes that you spent your hard-earned money on buying it? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway.” “If opening your closet makes you feel guilty, it’s time to let go of your guilt. If you’re staring at a wall full of clothes that never leave the closet, it’s time to donate them to someone else.” These clothes can also be sold for some money back, but impulsive purchase freeze should follow. The article recommends approaching each “deal” with a critical eye and buying only what is necessary – or perhaps too good to be missed strictly because it appeals to the client’s tastes. The deal itself should not be a start-up factor.

Another article from A Lawyer And Her Money explores how time plays a role in mental health. While it might seem logical to focus every available moment on making money or looking for new investments, the article makes the argument that “wasting” time on enjoyable activities or self-fulfilling commitments can greatly improve a person’s disposition. No one can ignore their mental health, and endless pursuit of one goal can quickly lead to fatigue, stress, and a host of other issues.

The essay also distinguishes between “good time” and “sloppy time,” defining the former as a sort of reel of life that can be revisited as a cherished memory in the future. However, garbage time is not bad memories – it is simply a time worth living in the present. “Waste time is the errands you do,” the article says, “the meals you prepare, and the schedules you plan. After all, trash time is where you spend your friendship. You don’t recognize it when you’re at it, but that might make it more valuable.” “.

This excerpt is from articles featured in “Spring Cleaning Etc.” and “All About Time” are only a fraction of what their authors said, and there are many other resources that have valuable insights to share. Dyer News makes it their mission to share the latest personal finance news, but they also know that a balanced life should take other aspects of life into account.

As such, they encourage their community to take a look at all the articles on this list to expand their views (and perhaps get practical advice when doing so). More articles can be found on the official Dyer News platform as well, and interested parties are welcome to direct their inquiries to Kyle Burbank of Dyer News.


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