Cryptocurrency Markets Weak, But TechPay Coin (TPC) Reports Up 20% +

TechPay Coin, the blockchain network that is considered to be the “fastest” after completing more than 300,000 transactions per second, was an exception to the current bearish scenarios.

As Bitcoin (BTC) drives down cryptocurrency prices, TechPay Coin launched an impressive rally after announcing the launch of a two-way cross-chain bridge with Binance Smart Chain, leading to the launch of TPC Encapsulated (WTPC) on Pancakeswap on May 17, 2022 that saw this coin The cryptocurrency has increased 350% since its launch two months ago, accumulating a market capitalization of around $11.8 million at the time of writing.

What is TechPay?

TechPay is an infinitely scalable single layer blockchain based on pBFT & DAG featuring unparalleled performance with transaction fees equal to a fraction of a cent. Transactions on the TechPay network are finalized in 500 milliseconds with maximum decentralization through the PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm.

TechPay Coin (TPC) refers to the original coin of the TechPay network, which is used to pay transaction fees and reward users who participate in the network’s consensus cycle. TechPay has a fixed supply of 6 billion TPC, with an anti-inflation mechanism for the network, which burns 30% of the total transaction fees used in each block.

What is the purpose of TechPay?

The TechPay agreement aims to address three of the most critical issues faced by blockchains – security, decentralization, and scalability. Dubbed the “blockchain trilemma,” the TechPay network claims to solve the three important problems mentioned above.

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TechPay developed the Sirius protocol. Sirus combines Acyclic Directed Graphing (DAG) and Working Byzantine Error Consensus (pBFT), making it possible for transactions to be processed and signed securely and at unparalleled speed.

As the number of transactions increases between each block, the threat of Blockchain centralization is mitigated, and the demand for power drops dramatically because hashing power is not necessary to meet the next block.

What is the future of TechPay?

Blockchain is the inevitable future. A permissionless architecture gives control to people rather than central authorities. As the use cases expand, blockchain adoption is multiplying as well. Decentralized finance remains one of the most interesting blockchain use cases, followed by Web 3 and Metaverse.

However, there is a constant demand for high-performance and efficient blockchain technology in the world today – TechPay Coin’s real-time transactions and minimal transaction fees provide the answer. The chain supports smart contracts, NFTs, and dApps that will be built and deployed on it.

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