Crypto market flips after Ethereum merger, why? Watch the market report

In this week’s ‘The Market Report’ presentation, the experts based at Cointelegraph discuss why the crypto market has flooded after the Ethereum merger and why the bears are winning.

To start things off, we’ve broken down the latest news in the markets this week:

Biggest Fed rate hike in 40 years? Five things to know about Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin (BTC) is facing another week of “huge” macro announcements after its lowest weekly close since July. The main event for this week will be the US Federal Reserve’s decision on key interest rates. How will the market react after the announcement of the new interest rate hike? Is there hope for a pump, or will we continue on this downward trajectory? Will $18,000 Bitcoin Become the New Normal? When do we expect to see the real bottom? We also discuss the US Dollar Index and Ethereum Blues after the merger. There’s a lot to unpack here, so be sure to keep an eye on all the latest information.

Terra Do Kwon Co-Founder Says He’s Not a “Fugitive”

Do Kwon did not reveal his whereabouts in a series of tweets refuting allegations that he fled Singapore after an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday. What will be the end result of this complete failure? Can all parties involved reach an outcome where everyone is satisfied and justice is served? Have your say on it by telling us what you think in the comments section of the live stream, and we’ll give you a shout out live!

$160 Million Stolen From Crypto Market Maker Wintermute

Wintermute, a UK-based cryptocurrency market maker, has become the latest victim of a decentralized finance hack, losing nearly $160 million, according to company founder and CEO Evgeny Gaevoy. Another day, another breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world. We break down all the details for you and keep you posted on exactly what happened so that you are always up to date.

Michael Saylor Can’t Stop: MicroStrategy Now Owns 130,000 Bitcoin

MicroStrategy now owns 0.62% of all bitcoins to be mined. The company‚Äôs CEO, Michael Saylor, announced that the company bought another 301 BTC for nearly $6 million at an average price of $19,851 per bitcoin. What do you think of Michael Saylor’s latest move, and what would you do if you had $6 million in extra cash around? Let us know in the comments section of the YouTube live.

This week, we have something new and fresh for our viewers. He will be joined by our Head of Markets, Ray Salmond, and will bring with him two special guests: Joe Burnett, Senior Analyst at Blockware Solutions, and Pierre Rochard, Vice President of Research at Riot Blockchain, both of whom have authored a report on Bitcoin transaction fees and network security and how they may or may not work. Attacks on the Bitcoin network. Joining them will be one of our favorite experts, Marcel Bichmann. It will be an engaging and insightful conversation about Bitcoin mining and its security that you don’t want to miss. You can also ask your questions to our guests in the chat section of our YouTube Live.

Next up is a segment called “Quick Crypto Tips”, which aims to give newcomers to the crypto industry quick and easy tips to get the most out of their experience. This week’s tip: scalping.

Finally, we have insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for cryptocurrency traders who want to stay one step ahead of the market. Our analysts use Cointelegraph Markets Pro to identify two cryptocurrencies that have emerged this week: Pangolin’s PNG and Rari Capital Governance Token (RGT).

Do you have a question about a currency or topic not covered here? do not worry. Join the YouTube chat room and write your questions there. The person with an interesting comment or question will be given a 1-month subscription to Markets Pro, worth $100.

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