Condo is expected to be approved in Richmond near the future Queen Sabedina Station

Downtown Toronto intensification continues as property owners DC Dev Corp look to amend City Code 438-86 to redevelop 450 Richmond Street West with a 19-story apartment. An initial application for the development of the site was submitted to the city in 2017. The application was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Council (now the Ontario Land Court) for the city’s failure to make a decision within the time set by the province. Prior to the OLT hearing, supporters and the city reached a settlement, and in May 2020, the OLT endorsed the settlement, but withheld a final order until various details of the plan meeting the terms of the settlement were finalized. This year, to this end, revised documents were submitted with several amendments to the proposal.

The site, which currently serves as a vacant commercial car park, is steps away from the future Queen-Spadina station on Line 3. Ontario. The proposal of the architects designed by the alliance will reach a height of 58.15 square meters and provide 116 housing units.

Looking northwest at the site on Richmond Street between two existing apartment buildings, photo by Red Mars, UrbanToronto Forum contributor

To accommodate families, the city is looking for a minimum of 20% of suites have two bedrooms, and 10% of suites have three bedrooms. This revised proposal is slightly better than the bottom line, now offering 10 studios (9%), 68 one-bedroom (58.5%), 25 two-bedroom (21.5%), and 13 three-bedroom (11%).

Along with the residential lobby accessible from Richmond Street, this street frontage will also contain retail space of 181 m², with another 157 square meters below grade level. The total indoor facilities area is 328 square meters and the outdoor facilities area is 109 square meters divided between the second floor and the thirteenth floor as the building retreats from the eastern plot line. Both levels include terraces of outdoor amenities located adjacent to the indoor utility spaces. It is planned to build a green roof of 95 square meters on the 19th floor.

Looking northwest at 450 Richmond Street West, image retrieved from submission to the city of Toronto

No parking space is provided to residents, in response to the city’s priority of reducing private vehicle transportation, and removing parking minimums in new building applications. Instead, 3 short-term drop-offs are proposed along with 1 parking space for short-term service, along with 117 bicycle parking spaces. (A westbound bike path runs in front of the site, paired with a nearby eastbound path along Adelaide Boulevard.) Queen-Spadina and King-Bathurst stations on the future Ontario Line 3 will be within walking distance of the redevelopment, while the block from Building, TTC trams are dotted on Spadina Avenue and Queen Street.

Changes to the details of the plan should mean that a final order will be issued soon by OLT, and that development should be able to move forward.

We will come back as more information about the project becomes available. In the meantime, project facts and bids can be found in the 450 Richmond West database file, linked below. Want to participate in the discussion? Check out the related forum thread or leave a comment using the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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