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Concord Pacific begins phase two of three towers in the Metrotown development in Burnaby. The site contains three residential towers that are currently under development, with the possibility of two more towers being constructed in a future third phase. (Courtesy of Concord Pacific Real Estate Development Company)

Concord Pacific Development is planning the second phase of its massive mixed-use Concorde Metrotown development, in the northeast corner of the Metrotown Shopping Centre, for a project that will eventually add eight towers and more than 3,500 homes to Burnaby.

“We’ve scaled-down the building, but sales have gone so well across all three towers (in Phase 1) that we’re actually building all three simultaneously,” said Grant Murray, senior vice president of sales for Concorde Pacific Developments.

“We basically sold everything we wanted to sell. Some inventory is being held back. We probably won’t sell that for three years, because we have more than enough to cover the construction financing for the whole project. So over 70 to 75 percent of the total was sold out. The three constellations.

“He has taken the enviable position of not having to phase the project. So we are building the entire park at once and we are going to build the three towers at once. We are very excited about that,” he said.

“Once we do those first three towers, we are currently designing five more to be next door because we have purchased the entire Sears Metrotown location adjacent to the Ivanhoe Cambridge Mall.”

Sky Park Development

The first phase of the development, Sky Park, includes three high-rise buildings comprising 1,384 residential units and 30,000 square feet of retail at street level: Grand Tower (65 floors), Central Tower (45 floors), and West Tower (33 floors). ).

The project will be connected to the Metrotown Shopping Mall. The residential units in the first phase range from one-bedroom apartments measuring 468 square feet to three bedrooms of 3,768 square feet.

Completion is expected at the end of 2026.

Murray said sales of the second phase, which will include three high-rise apartment towers, will appear in about two years.

“Our planning department has already had discussions about the design and they have initially approved it,” he said, adding that the next phase will feature around 2,000 homes in towers of 40, 49 and 58 floors.

It will also include more than 100,000 square feet of commercial and commercial space, and construction is expected to take about five years, Murray said.

The next three towers’ repartition has been brought to the city with a public hearing coming soon, likely this fall.


Skypark, as the development’s first three towers are known, features Concord’s BioSpace – a multi-layered system that creates a cleaner and safer indoor environment through improved airflow, high-efficiency air filtration (HEPA) and contact management in high-traffic areas.

Maintains a hygienic environment while controlling mobile access to key entry points, including elevators.

To enhance water leakage management, Sky Park is equipped with a building level water flow detection system and remote shutdown system. Convenient spray heads are installed inside the wing when required, greatly reducing the extent of potential damage.

Elevators have air filtration systems to make the air cleaner. The aisle filtration system will increase the air flow in some high traffic areas. You have reduced contact points.

There are steam cabinets in each suite, eliminating the need to take clothes for dry cleaning.

“Concord BioSpace advances the science and years of improving our products in response to current global conditions, biospace and market demand that helps product sustainability and life resilience,” Murray said.

Murray said the first phase of the apartment development contains 66,000 square feet of amenities “inspired by the world’s finest contemporary designs.”

Sky park amenities

The sky park will include a 400-meter track, a ping-pong area, a conservatory, a dog park, a pet grooming room, an outdoor yoga garden, a fitness center, a tea café, a children’s playground, an outdoor spa, a swimming pool, a barrel sauna, a children’s water park, And a changing room. , co-working space, outdoor workrooms, recreation hall, orangery, mini golf and maze garden.

“You wouldn’t be able to try it unless you had economies of scale. In other words, a project of this nature, since you have 1,400 units, you can spread out the costs of these additional utilities without hurting the pocketbook of everyone who buys the suite.”

Murray said there will be a designated bike area.

“We have the largest bicycle amenity in the world (including a separate lift to access the area),” he said.

“At the bike level we have included storage rooms which are actually full rooms, not cages where you can see the bikes so they have a proper door . . . they will have electric power so if you want to have an e-bike they will have an electric socket also.

“We will also have an equipment room that will allow you to come in and fix your bike.”

Two additional towers possible

In addition to the second stage, there is a possibility of two more high-rise towers on the site in a third stage.

The adjacent Metrotown Shopping Center is another major attraction for future residents.

“Ivanoi Cambridge is somewhat committed with the city to redevelop the entire mall. They are going to make a big change to create roads and outdoor spaces, rather than an indoor shopping centre,” Murray explained.

“It will retain some components of the indoor mall. . . . this is the city’s plan of action to have more connected roads, more streets, more street animation.

“When we do master planned communities, I’m talking about OPM – other people’s money.

“When you build a master planned community and you build one tower and you sell to someone, if there are a lot of activities being added around you, that you are not paying for, they add value to your existing product.”

He said Concorde’s recent successes were not from building individual towers but mainly from building its eight planned communities.

These communities allowed Concorde to “continue to increase and add amenities, not only to the building but to the surrounding area.”

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