Can You Get Air Canada Reimbursement for Lost Bags?

“The airlines are pointing fingers at each other and no one will admit our lost baggage and I can’t put together a report.”

A Vancouver man said a relaxing European vacation with his girlfriend was ruined after the couple’s bags were lost after a flight was canceled.

Passengers were originally booked on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on August 28 and made a stop at Leicester B Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto before heading to Lisbon, Portugal.

Two days before scheduled departure, the outbound flight was canceled and they were rebooked on a Vancouver to Boston flight and then a Boston to Lisbon flight. Before they boarded their departing flight, YVR had a significant delay and they arrived in Boston after their second flight had already departed.

Robert Micah says Vancouver is amazing The couple had been rebooked on a Delta flight and were told that their luggage would be transferred to the new plane.

“Of course, it didn’t arrive,” he explains. “I was told I could file a report online or over the phone.”

After a failed attempt to file a report online “countless times,” the angry traveler returned to Lisbon airport five days later, but was told it was too late to file a report and that he had to make a report with the airline, which he “was trying to do all the time.”

Vancouver passenger hopes to get compensation for Air Canada flight delay

Since the numbers he had to call were from North America, Mika’s mother began calling every day for her son while he was away. At one point, she spent 10 hours trying to reach someone.

“She was disconnected, put on hold for hours and then either disconnected or told there was nothing they could do,” he says. “Air Canada is telling me it’s Delta’s fault and Delta says they have no record of our baggage.

“I really don’t know what to do. The airlines are pointing fingers at each other and no one will admit our lost baggage and I can’t file a report.”

While his bags had Air Canada markings, airline representatives told Meca to get in touch with Delta. But when they returned to Vancouver on September 19, an Air Canada agent was able to put together a missing baggage report.

He explains, “This has put me in a lot of pressure on a vacation that’s supposed to be relaxing. My mum was also stressed out, and she even stopped work to help us. She wasted a lot of time and so did I.” “I had to do my best to buy new clothes and all my needs when I had just bought everything I needed before I left.

“On boarding, the agent told my girlfriend that there was no room for her carry-on and that she had to be checked under. They also lost that which had all her makeup, hair dryer, etc. and so the whole flight she had none of that, which made her Resentful and also didn’t feel good about herself while we were out.”

Mica adds that he will “never fly with Air Canada again” and feels the airline has avoided taking responsibility. He hopes to get compensation for lost luggage as well as clothes he had to buy while in Europe.

VIA has contacted Air Canada for comment.

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