BMO ETFs are partnering with industry experts and personal finance influencers for a special edition of their YouTube series for DIY investors

Get started investing in an ETF Education features and ideas from some Canada Personal finance and investment experts

TorontoAnd April 27 2022 /CNW/ – BMO ETFs will present two exclusive editions of the popular weekly ETF Market Insights broadcast, offering market insight and investment education specifically addressing the needs of DIY investors.

Get started investing in an ETF A two-day educational series featuring industry experts and special guests who share their insights into how “craft” investors can do some “spring cleaning” of their portfolios. Experts include industry players and observers, along with specialists in BMO ETFs.

Register to watch the show live or stream it live on BMO ETFs YouTube channel. All episodes can be watched on demand after the live broadcast.

Program Lineup: Spring in ETF Investing

Friday 29 April 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Episode 1: Generate monthly income from your portfolio using ETFs
Special guest host: Adrien Starineripassive income investment

Expert panel members:

  • Chris HicksETF Portfolio Manager, BMO ETFs

  • Richard HuHead of Equity Derivatives, Retail, TMX Group

Episode 2: Getting Started with an ETF: Opening an Account and Making Your First Trade
Special Guest Host: Saijal Patel from Strictly Money

Expert panel members:

  • Hamish KhamisaPresident and Chief Digital Officer of Sparx Trading

  • Ellen Rosmanjournalist, Canadian Money Savings Program

Friday 6 May 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

The third episode: Uncovering secrets from Gulf Street! How to Create an ETF Portfolio Like a Pro
Special Guest Host: Kornel Szrejber from Build Wealth Canada

Expert panel members:

  • Chris McCanneyETF Portfolio Manager, BMO ETFs

  • Graham MackenzieHead of Traded Products Division, TMX Group

Episode 4: Leveraging Popular Sectors Using ETFs

Expert panel members:

  • Alfred LeeDirector of PM ETFs, BMO GAM

  • Keith WuHead of Traded Products Division, TMX Group

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1morning star, December 2021

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