Blue Origin successfully completes its latest space tourism mission

Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket has successfully completed its sixth space tourism mission, sending six more crew members on a suborbital spaceflight.

according to Official Blue Origin stats, the NS-22 mission lifted off on August 4 at 8:56 a.m. (CDT) / 13:56 (UTC) from its first launch site in West Texas. The capsule was carrying six space tourists, including the first Egyptians and Portuguese to embark on a suborbital spaceflight. They completed the task 10 minutes 20 seconds later, touching them down around 9:06 a.m. (CDT) / 14:56 (UTC).

During the sub-orbital spaceflight, the capsule detached from the new Shepherd’s thruster and those on board untied their seat belts to experience the zero-gravity environment for a few minutes before returning to their own seats for landing, according to NASA SpaceFlight. The New Shepard booster landed loudly while the crew capsule safely deployed its parachutes and floated.

The NS-22 mission was the 22nd flight of the new Shepard suborbital launch system, and its sixth manned mission to reach space to date. It was also the New Shepard’s third crew of the year launch, exactly two months after Blue Origin recorded another successful mission that transported six more passengers across the Karman Line – the internationally recognized frontier of space.

Image credit: Blue Origin (LR: Sara Sabry, Steve Young, Coby Cotton, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, Mário Ferrreira)

The crew of the NS-22 consists of Coby Cotton, co-founder of YouTube channel Dude Perfect, Mario Ferreira, president of Pluris Investments Group, Vanessa O’Brien, British-American mountaineer, Clint Kelly III, founder of Autonomous Land Vehicle, Sarah Sabry, founder of the Deep Space Initiative, and Steve Young, former CEO of Young’s Communications LLC.

Blue Origin reports that this group of astronauts has three times set a historic precedent, with Sabry becoming the first person from Egypt to fly into space, Ferreira becoming the first person from Portugal to make the flight, and O’Brien setting a Guinness World Record. The first woman to reach the extremes on land (Mount Everest), sea (Challenger Deep) and air (Karman Line), completing the Explorers Trifecta Extreme Trifecta.

“It is an honor for our team to provide our customers with a life-changing transformation from the perspective of our fragile planet,” said Phil Joyce, Senior Vice President, New Shepherd. “It’s just over a year since the New Shepard’s first human flight, and we’ve now flown 31 people above the Karman Line. Thank you to these early pioneers in helping us realize our vision for the millions of people who live and work in space for the benefit of Earth.”

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