American grapes continue to find markets in China

Daniel is the co-founder and vice president of Shanghai Topsun Fresh, a Chinese fruit import and distribution company. The company specializes in the southern hemisphere and imported fruits from abroad for the Chinese market.

The harvest and export season for table grapes in the United States has begun in full swing. This season the company is experimenting with a new packaging solution that reduces shrinkage during transportation.

“We work directly with the largest grower of Sun Pacific table grapes from California. This year we worked together to package fresh grapes in a new way. Instead of using bags in a Styro box, we pack grapes loosely in cardboard cartons. We focus more on shipments. Air instead of ocean.What we like to do is to offer our customers the best quality fruits with maximum freshness.For example,with this new solution,breakage and dry stem on arrival can be reduced from 12-15% to 3-4%,helping the retail customer We have to reduce deflation and improve business,” Daniel explained.

Despite the high tariffs on American grapes, which amounted to 39.5%, high-quality grapes still managed to find a good market in China.

Daniel continues: “Most of our customers are luxury fruit stores and sellers of live streaming platforms. The value this new solution brings is that the buyer has more confidence in the quality of the fruit, as the fruit arrives in good condition consistently. Even through there are still a lot of local grapes like Muscat Brilliant, good American grapes can still be moved at a price 50-100% higher than domestic grapes.”

“American grapes, in general, have stronger texture, better flavor, good crunch, and better shelf life. This is very loved by retailers and end consumers. The popular American varieties now on the Chinese market are Sweet Globe, Autumn Crisp, and Adora,” Danielle explains. and some late season species such as Autumn Royal.

Close partnerships are the key to success
Because of the pandemic and travel restrictions around the world, it has been difficult for people to meet and understand how the big changes have occurred on both sides.

“People with mutual trust and an open mind are key to the business,” says Daniel. “Without the trust and support of our partner Sun Pacific, this new venture is fundamentally impossible to achieve. Our business mindset attempts to add more value to both our upstream and downstream partners. During a better one stop solution that may include information on market trends, new packaging ideas, efficient logistics solutions, marketing and branding, etc.

“At the end of the day, a business can only operate when there is consistent value being added to the existing value chain. Moreover, good partnerships with mutual trust and taking a long-term view are becoming more important, especially in an environment of so much uncertainty.”

Topsun Fresh operates in South America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The company is optimistic about the potential for growth in these areas with exports to the Chinese market.

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