Air Canada strips employee of generous travel privileges over daughter’s behavior

Air Canada has stripped one of its employees of generous concessional travel benefits over her daughter’s behavior but is resisting by promoting her story to the media in a bid to win back her mother’s reduced flight privileges.

Like many airlines, Air Canada offers employees the opportunity to travel on standby at deeply discounted rates. Some airline employees see it as one of the best perks of working in the airline industry, although traveling on standby comes with a long list of written and unwritten rules.

The staff know not to complain and sometimes end up being pretty lousy, but it’s generally worth it because you can fly places at a fraction of the price of everyone else on the plane.

When airline workers share these benefits with friends and family, they take responsibility for the behavior of their relatives or acquaintances. Tell friends and family not to complain and to be on their best behavior.

However, in this case, the employee’s daughter allegedly received poor customer service from gate agents while traveling as a non-express traveler. She complained about this treatment by writing to senior Air Canada officials and copying in several media outlets.

Air Canada launched an investigation and concluded that the passenger misinterpreted the facts about the accident, including the very important point that she was using her mother’s travel benefits.

The daughter received a two-year ban from flying with Air Canada on standby and because her mother is responsible for the conduct of anyone using her travel benefits, she also received the same punishment.

“I got really sick when my mom told me what they did to her, it’s one thing for me, but it’s completely different for my actions affecting my mom,” an unidentified woman told Insider.

It appears the woman’s mother chose to work for Air Canada for the travel privileges, but as the situation escalates, her daughter now fears she might be fired.

Air Canada was unable to provide much comment on the incident, but a spokesperson told Insider, “We take our employees squarely on internal matters. However, we can confirm that employee travel is a special privilege and a unique and generous privilege to work for an airline that comes With responsibilities that the vast majority of employees and families understand and appreciate.”

“We take comments about our services very seriously. In fact, we conducted an investigation into the complaint submitted, and later found facts that were not in line with what was submitted.”

The women’s union has proposed an apology to Air Canada in a bid to win a reduced sentence.

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