6 Free Online Personal Finance Tools to Track Your Money

With the help of your money tracking tools, you can manage your money in a better way. You can track your spending, check how much you saved and even set up a budget.

There are many tools to keep track of your money. Some are free while others cost money.

Here are some free online tools to keep track of your money;

Live exchange rate for currency converter

Currency converters can be used to convert between different currencies. This application can also be used to find the current exchange rates between different currencies. A currency converter is an essential tool for any traveler who needs to track expenses on the go.

discount calculator for sale

Sale Discount Calculator is a free online tool that helps you calculate discounts associated with a sale. The calculator can be used to determine the percentage of an item’s regular price, the total discount, and even the number of items in a sale.

exchange rate calculator

Exchange rate calculator is a program that helps users to calculate exchange rates between different currencies. It allows you to compare current exchange rates for different currencies and make informed decisions about your investments. By entering the values ​​of the foreign currency and the local currency, the calculator will return an estimate of what each unit of foreign currency will be worth in terms of the local currency.

This information can then be used to graph exchange rate trends over time or used to create forecasts of future price changes.

Expense Calculator

Expense Calculator is a useful tool that can help you better track your expenses and budget. It can also help you find ways to save money. There are many different types of expense calculators available, so find the one that’s right for you. Some cost less than others, but they all provide useful information.

Salary Calculator

Salary calculators are a great way to compare different salaries and see how much money you will make in different positions. It’s also a useful tool when negotiating your salary. There are many different types of salary calculators, so it is important to find the one that works for you. Here are some tips for using the salary calculator:

  1. Choose the right job title and company size.
  2. Enter your experience, education and skills into the calculator.
  3. Compare your salary to other similar jobs in your area or field of work.
  4. Use calculator tools to improve your results or explore potential pay increases or decreases.
  5. Save your findings and use them as starting points for future negotiations.

Gross Salary Calculator

Gross Pay Calculator is a useful tool that employees can use to calculate their gross pay. This calculator can be used to determine an employee’s gross salary for a specific period of time, such as a week, a month, or a year. Gross Salary Calculator allows employees to enter their salary information and calculate their gross salary for that period. This tool is useful for employers as it helps them keep track of an employee’s total gross salary and ensure accuracy

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