5 Venture Capital Firms for Early Stage Startups in India

Over the past decade, India’s business landscape has seen growth and prosperity of startups across sectors. New technologies, innovations and investments have let the ecosystem come alive, creating jobs and inspiring more entrepreneurs to make the leap, and now India is the third startup ecosystem in the world after we And China.

2021 was a watershed year for private property (PE) And venture capital (VC) Investments in India. In 2021, Indian startups raised a record $42 billion in funding via 1,583 deals, and 42 startups joined the unicorn club. Seed or early stage funding alone has exceeded $1 billion in India.

However, the transition from a disruptive idea to a successful startup is no easy task – from founders who roll up their sleeves to investors who believe in their mission – it is a journey of will and willpower.

In the initial stage of a startup, venture capital support can prove to be a hit or a stop for many startups. Often stage or early stage financing is the time when venture capital financing begins. At this stage, the influx of capital to entrepreneurs will help in market research, product development and business expansion – the foundation of any successful business venture.

In today’s list, YourStory has curated a list of venture capital firms that enable new era startups to grow and expand with early stage investments and a seed round.

YourNest Venture Capital. Your investment capital

YourNest General Partners

YourNest Venture Capital. Your investment capitaldepends on Gurugramis an early stage fund focused on deep technology areas such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Products, Edge Cloud, AR/MR/VE, Dev. Tools and project segments.

It provides a secure startup ecosystem where early stage startups are nurtured and the skills required to expand and grow.

The company aims to create an opportunity for Indian founders to expand into global markets through intellectual property-led innovation. They also support the founders through “Nurture Capital” with a well-established network of professionals, advisors, mentors, innovators and business leaders and they offer an enabling ecosystem for any startup whose business is validated by clients.

Bloom Ventures

Blume Ventures & Managing Partners Founders Karthik Reddy (L) and Sanjay Nath

Founded in 2010 by Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath, based in Mumbai Bloom Ventures It is an early stage venture capital firm that funds startups that solve challenging problems.

Blume Ventures Partners help founders achieve product market alignment and the ability to go beyond the first scale point. The startup seeks to invest in financial services, information technology, manufacturing, blockchain, cybersecurity, e-commerce, b2b payment, gaming, TMT, mobile commerce, cannabis, business services, business products, consumer services and technology-based sectors in India.

They invest in startups with a strong technology backbone, such as companies backed by intellectual property or code. She has a special education for business and B2B projects that are capital light. Some of the startups they have invested in are Cashify, Unacademy, Exotel, LBB Purplle, Locus and others.

They are long-term investing, and they keep investing for anywhere from eight to 10 years, as long as the founders are equally invested in the company’s ambition.


3one4 Capital’s management partners: Pranav Pai (left) and Siddharth Pai

Founded in 2016 by Pranav Bay And Siddharth Bay, based in Bengaluru 3one4 Capital It is an early stage venture capital fund. The company operates in select segments of the market, focusing on areas such as machine-driven process intelligence services for education technology, SaaS, consumer products and services, enterprise automation, financial technology, entertainment, and health.

Its Deep Engagement Strategy Fund works with founding teams and subject matter experts to prioritize and appropriate product market strategies, improve defenseability, and grow in revenue and impact.

It focuses on margins and delivers uncompromised experiences for the end user. The fund aims to discover new growth opportunities, reduce risks and return rewarding results to all relevant stakeholders.

Including the company’s investment ferentAnd evilAnd tunitagAnd traxenAnd Darwin BoxAnd better placeAnd BugworksAnd Triputo.

Avishkar venture capital

Founded in 2001 by Vineet RayAnd based in Mumbai Avishkar venture capital It provides small-equity financing and operational and strategic support, and is also known for its impact investing thesis, which can create significant value for both investors and the community.

It follows a multi-stage investment strategy that supports businesses across the growth spectrum, from the establishment stage to the expansion stage, while building a portfolio with a balanced risk return.

Venture capital firms focus on sectors including agricultural technology, agriculture, financial inclusion, and basic services such as education, logistics, and healthcare.

I have invested in portfolios such as AgroStar, Milk Mantra, Chqbook, Soulfull, PayWell, and others.

India’s product

India Quotient Leadership Team (from left): Anand Lunia, Co-Founder, Madhukar Sinha, Co-Founder, and Gagan Goyal, Partner

Founded in 2012 by Anand Lunia And Madhukar Singha, based in Bengaluru India’s product It is an early stage venture capital fund. She believes that the drive towards digitization, as companies increasingly rely on technology or software to run operations, will become prevalent,

The venture capital firm has invested in sectors such as travel, fashion, consumer finance, food, education, mobile, and startups like RobosoGrabhouse beautiful secretsand FRSH and dodge spot.

It has invested in two agro-related start-ups, such as Bharat Agri and Lin Agri.

They invest in the paper stage to enable entrepreneurs to skip the angel round.

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