2021/22 Personal Finance Awards – Winners Announced

You, the consumer, have been voted in by the Personal Finance Awards powered by The Money Pages which is the sister brand of What Mortgage.

Visitors to the site begin by recommending a business that they, a friend, colleague, or relative has had a positive experience with for the relevant category. That first stage lasted for four weeks, after which the top five in each category moved on to the second stage, where the audience had twelve weeks to vote for their favourite.

This year saw a record number of votes cast, with over 50,000 votes cast from all categories throughout the campaign with winners announced during the special awards day on Wednesday, November 24. Well done to all the nominees – and big congratulations to the winners and to those who have been commended.

Personal Finance Awards 2021/22

Best cash ISA

Highly Commended: Leeds Building Society and Sainsbury’s Bank

Winner: Skipton Building Society

Best ISA for investment

Highly Commended: Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor

Winner: fortune

Best ISA Junior

High praise: Halifax Bank and Tesco

Winner: fortune

Best online savings provider

Highly Recommended: Casual Savings Bank and Money Box

Winner: Cynergy Bank

Best savings provider for beginners/kids

Highly Commended: Dudley Building Society and Saffron Building Society

Winner: Harpenden Building Society

The best comprehensive savings provider

Highly Commended: Metro Bank and Monzo

Winner: Charter Savings Bank

Best Standard Current Account

High praise: HSBC and Virgin Money

Winner: Starling Bank

Best current account with interest

High praise: TSB and Virgin Money

Winner: First Live

Best checking account for high income earners

Highly Recommended: Barclays and First Direct

Winner: Santander

Best Student Current Account

High praise: nationwide and TSB

Winner: Barclays

Best comprehensive current account

Highly recommended: Barclays and Halifax

Winner: Starling Bank

Best credit card for balance transfer

Highly Commended: Barclaycard and Virgin Money

Winner: Sainsbury’s Bank

Best mortgage provider for first time buyer

Highly Commended: NatWest and Virgin Money

Winner: Family Building Association

Best Buy To Allow Mortgage Lender

Highly Commended: Kensington Mortgages and Leek United Building Society

Winner: Landbay

Best Fixed Rate Mortgage Lender

Highly Commended: Nottingham Building Society and RBS

Winner: Leeds Building Society

Best variable rate mortgage lender

Highly Commended: Barclays, Hinckley and the Rugby Building Association

Winner: Lake United Building Society

Best remortgage lender

High praise: HSBC and TSB

Winner: Barclays

Best Lender Intermediate

High praise: NatWest Intermediary Solutions and Skipton Building Society of Intermediaries

Winner: Kensington Mortgages

Best Specialized Lender

Highly Commended: Mortgage Lender and Vida Homeloans

Winner: Pepper Money

Best Mortgage Lender

Highly Commended: Loughborough Building Society and Milton Building Society

Winner: Earl Chilton Building Society

Best Lender Equity Liberalization

Highly recommended: more2life and pure retirement

Winner: Aviva

Best Lender Customer Service for Equity Issue

Highly Commended: Aviva and Pure Retirement

Winner: more2life

Best royalty free broker

Highly Recommended: A lifetime and key partnership

Winner: Supermarket Stock Issue

Best stock broker in customer service

Highly Recommended: Life Partnership Supermarket and Equity Issue

Winner: Key

Best comprehensive mortgage lender

Highly recommended: Barclays and nationwide

Winner: Skipton Building Society

Best Real Estate Broker – (40 Consultants and More)

Highly Recommended: Nationwide Mortgage Advice Bureau

Winner: L&C

Best Real Estate Broker – (Up to 39 Consultants)

Highly Commended: Business Mortgages and Your Mortgage Decisions

Winner: Alexander Hall

Best second mortgage lender

Highly Recommended: Parity and Prestige

Winner: Paragon Bank

Second best mortgage broker

Highly Commended: Brightstar and Visionary Finance

Winner: Loan Warehouse

Best real estate broker in customer service

Highly Commended: SPF Private Clients and Mortgage Cottage

Winner: Business Mortgages

Best personal loan lender

Highly recommended: Barclays and NatWest

Winner: Novona (Hitachi Official Personal Finance)

Best personal loan broker

Highly Commended: Freedom Finance and Norton Finance

Winner: Loan Warehouse

best financial advisor

Highly Commended: Hoxton Capital Management and Openwork

Winner: St James’ Place Wealth Management

Best online broker

Highly Commended: IG and the Interactive Investor

Winner: Hargreaves Lansdowne

Best home insurance provider

Highly recommended: Direct Line and John Lewis

Winner: AXA Insurance

The best income protection insurance

Highly recommended: Legal, Public and LV =

Winner: Exeter

Best car insurance

Highly Recommended: Churchill and Direct Line

Winner: Admiral

The best breakdown coverage

Highly Commended: GEM Driving Assistant and Green Flag

Winner: AXA Partners

Best travel insurance

Highly Recommended: InsureandGo Money and Post Office

Winner: Avanti

Best pet insurance

Highly recommended: Bought by many and PetPlan

Winner: Animal Friends

Best life insurance for over 50 years

Highly Commended: Legal, General and SAGA

Winner: Aviva

The best health insurance

Highly Recommended: Bupa and Simply Health

Winner: Aviva

Best comparison site

Highly praised: compare marketplace and findmyFA.co.uk

Winner: Pay too much

Best travel money provider

Highly Recommended: ASDA Money and Postal Money

Winner: Tesco Bank

Best Credit Report Provider

Highly recommended: Equifax and Experian

Winner: Clearscore

Best Funeral Plan Presenter

Highly Recommended: Dignity and Simplicity Cremation

Winner: Avalon Funeral Plans

Best Building Association – Customer Service

Highly Commended: Principality Building Society, Tipton & Cosley Building Society

Winner: Furness Building Society

Best Bank – Customer Service

High praise: Monzo Bank and Starling

Winner: Metro Bank

Best Insurance Provider – Customer Service

Highly Commended: Admiral and Mutual NFU

Winner: Avanti

Best Overall Personal Finance Provider

Highly Recommended: Metro Bank and Post Office Money

Winner: Skipton Building Society


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