11 apps or online services to help you manage your money during high inflation

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Most of us would like to save money on our purchases, but we don’t know where to start. Many withdraw their default operating budget and immediately look for places to cut.

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Budgeting and minimizing carefully are perfectly valid strategies and should definitely be deployed. However, harnessing the power of internet-enabled smartphone apps and fintech is another smart move — and potentially easier and faster.

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If you become somewhat exhausted by living in the app culture of everything, you owe it to yourself (and your ultimate plan) to take another look. The trick will be to find something that works well for you And it integrates seamlessly with the way you actually live your life.

Take some of these apps for a spin and find out. Chances are good, you can use an app to hack your way to saving money during periods of high inflation.

Apps You Can Use To Manage Your Money During High Inflation

1. Personal Capital

At a time when inflation is surging and there is turmoil in the world, you want to be with a company that keeps you on track with your money. Personal Capital is the right company for you. It’s more important than ever that you have retirement efforts with little time to grow. Personal Capital prepares you with a clear view of all your assets and liabilities in one safe place. Evaluate your chances of success in retirement and see what you can do to achieve your goals.

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Personal Capital gives you the ability to reveal all the hidden fees in your mutual fund, investments, and retirement accounts so you have the ability to compare plans to find the right one for you.

2. Dollar Rocket

Rocket Dollar is not an app per se, but a really useful financial service to add more value and flexibility to your savings strategy. Many (perhaps most) retirement products include traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that can hardly be considered liquid assets.

On the other hand, Rocket Dollar not only brings innovation to managing your accounts but also allows retirement money to be used in alternative investments like funding a startup, crypto, buying real estate, and more. Clients who wish to include alternative assets in their retirement portfolio are encouraged to contact the Rocket Dollar team for help getting started.

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3. Mint

For personal finance management, Mint is an incredibly popular (and powerful) tool that ties all of your personal financial information into one place. Oftentimes, adjusting unwise spending patterns is just a matter of seeing the big picture, and Mint sure fits the bill in that regard.

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After the initial download of your data, Mint provides an easy-to-use system for budgeting, creating income and expense categories on the go, and setting custom alerts and notifications. And that’s just a scratch on the potential of the Mint.

4. Swagbucks

The best kind of financial reward is the reward you get for doing something you actually enjoy. The developers of Swagbucks have made it as easy as possible to get real, tangible financial rewards just to keep doing everyday things like doing internet research, shopping online, playing video games and more.

Users can redeem cash by shopping for groceries, dining out, and buying gift cards as gifts – you name it. You can even get discounts on your prescriptions.

5. Bring rewards

What if you could get a cashback simply by scanning your receipts and keep buying the brands you are already loyal to? Fetch Rewards has made this possibility a reality.

The mobile shopping platform screens your entire purchase and automatically credits your Fetch Rewards account for each eligible brand you purchase. Fetch Rewards will notify you of any special offers that you may find attractive and provide the time frame within which purchases of selected brands are eligible.

6. Delivery time

Although Due is not a technical app, it is a powerful financial management tool that promises “the simple retirement of modern man.” With Due.com’s annual salary, you are in complete control of your retirement savings and spending. Users always know exactly Where they stand and they can even withdraw all their money at any time if they are not completely satisfied.

The folks at Due.com also provide regular articles, updates, and tips to help clients increase their investment. Applying for a Due.com account is free, simple and takes less than five minutes.

7. Ipota

Ibotta is an app that rewards its users with cashback for making purchases with the app. For example, if you’re shopping at popular stores like Walmart or Best Buy (as well as many others), you can use the Ibotta app to make purchases that you would have made anyway.

Ibotta earns a commission on every purchase made through the app, then turns around and gives a slice of that fee to you, as a shopper. The iBotta app can be used in-store or online, allowing you to continue shopping using the method you prefer.

8. ShopSavvy

Many of us are already accustomed to using our smartphones to compare prices while we’re out shopping, but ShopSavvy is taking this practice to a whole new level. Using your phone to scan barcodes, ShopSavvy automatically deep researches pricing, availability, and user reviews for you.

There’s buying power in reliable data, and ShopSavvy will give you everything you need to decide if you want to buy any product right away, or if it makes sense to shop online or across town.

9. CamelCamelCamel

Many of us are seasoned Amazon customers, but not all of us in this group are aware that Amazon changes the prices of its products all the time. Retail outlets can be relied on to keep prices relatively stable, but this is not the case with Amazon. But no need to worry!

CamelCamelCamel is a money-saving browser extension designed specifically to help shoppers get a historical view of Amazon pricing for specific products. Complete with easy-to-understand charts and data, this app can help you decide to make that purchase today or perhaps wait for the price to return to its historical average.

10. InboxDollars

Shoppers enjoy connecting with the brands they prefer and these brands very much want to connect with those specific shoppers. InboxDollars fills this gap with a win-win solution that puts cash back into consumers’ pockets as it provides actionable data for advertisers.

Customers take surveys, sign up for special offers, play games, and more. All the while, they receive cashback, and brands have the opportunity to improve their products and services to appeal to a wider market without paying for expensive research studies.

  • Free for iOS and Android

11. Flashfood

Save money and help reduce supermarkets sending millions of pounds of food to your local landfill. The Flashfood app, piloted by The Giant Company in Pennsylvania, works by alerting customers to deals pulled from shelves just before their expiration date and transferred to the Flashfood division.

If you know, for example, that you’ll be using some fresh produce, meat, baked goods, or deli products in the next few days, Flashfood is a solid profit for you, your grocery store, and your local landfill.

Start saving today

No matter how easy something is to use, there is always an adjustment period when you try something new. Use the list above to try one or two services at a time. Give each app a fair shot, but absolutely feel free to get rid of it and start over if the system doesn’t fit well with the way you live your life.

I wish you savings!

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